10 English Hot Movies

First, it’s best to realize that the view of what’s hot to the British is markedly different than that considered as such by Americans, Canadians and others from similar cultures in that those from the United Kingdom more readily appreciate subtlety when thinking about 10 English hot movies. There are many hot English movies readily available and here are ten of them.

  1. “Psycho” Technically an American film, but directed Alfred Hitchcock (arguably the greatest English director of all time), "Psycho" showed Janet Leigh in an underwear scene considered quite risqué by those who first viewed it in 1960. Technically, this movie is a thriller, but its underlying themes are sexually based and tells the entralling story of a serial killer.
  2. “Wuthering Heights” Also technically an American film, the British nature and setting of this 1939 release let's it squeak by as a hot English movie. (Though the movie is basically puritanical by today’s standards, it makes women incredibly hot.) This piece visually delivers the story of a nineteenth century romance based on the classic novel of the same name.
  3. “Calendar Girls” Attractive older women posing in the nude for a charity calendar project serve as the basis for this 2003 release. (What’s hotter than that?) Based on a true story, the film features women as the prime characters but does so in a way that allows male viewers to equally relate.
  4. “The Lover” As a more “in your face” feature, this 1992 release is incredibly steamy and a must-see where hot English movies are concerned. It has an enthralling plot and definitely belongs on this list due to its depiction of a relatable romance.
  5. “Like Water for Chocolate” Women love this 1993 release! This movie is based on a literary classic and heats up the screen visually while basing the story on a romance almost everyone can appreciate.
  6. “Last Tango in Paris” Though routed through several international concerns, this legendary film based primarily on sexual liaisons is financially based today upon English funding. Released in 1972, it features Marlon Brando (among others) and is so hot that it borders on being pornography. Its story is a bit thin, but basically tells the tale of sex between consenting adults that leaves those concerned wanting.
  7. “The James Bond Collection” Singling out any of the hot English films featuring Ian Fleming’s James Bond character would be pointless in that they all include blatant sexuality. And though misogynistic, they are all hot in the telling of a British Secret Service agent's covert missions that inevitably include sexual encounters as he goes about his assignments. 
  8. “Romeo & Juliet” Everyone knows this Shakespeare love story, but until seeing this 1968 release, they won’t be able to fully understand the definition of a hot English movie.
  9. “Henry and June” Released in 1990, this film was rated NC-17 in the United States (so that should tell you something). The movie focuses on a romance from 1931, but it’s plenty hot.  
  10. "9 Songs” Here is an incredibly graphic film from 2004 that also borders on being pornographic. It tells the story of a love affair that occurs while the two primary characters incessantly make their lives evolve around convenient rock concerts.
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