10 Erotic French Films

French wine, French cheese and these 10 erotic French films are better with a little je ne sais quois. These suggestive French films are a great option to watch with the woman in your life. She'll love the sexy French accents and will appreciate your cultured choice of a date night movie. Plus, you'll love the subtle, but hot, storylines.

  1. "Emmanuelle" (1974) This one's a classic erotic French film. The sheltered wife of a diplomat is ushered into a new world of sexual experiences by the people she meets through her husband's job. Emmanuelle is supposed to be based on the autobiography of Emmanuelle Arsan, which somehow only makes it hotter.
  2. "Lady Chatterley's Lover" (1955) An adaptation of the novel by the same name, this is the story of Lady Chatterly who, with her impotent husband's permission, takes a lover to fulfill her carnal needs. Torn between her dedication to her husband and her needs, she finds herself in the arms of her husband's servant.
  3. "Belle de Jour" (1967) The story of Severine, a woman very in love with her husband, but unable to have sex with him. She can, however, act out her highly erotic sexual fantasies with other people. She ends up meeting some of the "wrong kind" of people, but that's fun to watch, too.
  4. "The Lovers" (1958) On the way back from her lover's house in Paris, a woman meets a stranger who offers her a ride home–the two begin a hot, sweaty affair. Interesting trivia tidbit: After a screening in Ohio, the manager of the theatre was arrested and convicted of "possessing and exhibiting an obscene film." The case was taken to the Supreme Court where Justice Potter Stewart made the (now) famous statement concerning pornography: "I know it when I see it and the motion picture involved in this case is not that."
  5. "Betty Blue" (1986) This is the story of an average guy, Zorg, whose life begins to spin out of control when he meets the beautiful Betty. After a conflict with his boss, he loses his job and Betty persuades him to attempt to have one of his manuscripts published. When it's rejected, Betty rages out of control and Zorg watches her slowly go insane.
  6. "Bitter Moon" (1992) A British couple on a cruise to India to enliven their boring marriage meet a fascinating couple. Through erotic flashback stories of these new friends' romance, the British couple learns of the darker side of love and obsession. Added bonus: There's a pretty hot dance scene between the two wives that you certainly won't want to miss!
  7. "The Art of Love" (1983) There's no real discernable plot to "The Art of Love." It's a movie based on Ovid's "Ars Amatoria." It is, however, set in ancient Rome–cue the nudes and highly suggestive action!
  8. "The Reader" (1988) Constance puts an ad in a local paper to become a professional reader. Much of the film is tame, but one of her clients, a judge, is particularly fond of erotic literature, including works from the Marquis de Sade. Constance ends up doing a little bit more for the clients than just reading.
  9. "The Hairdresser's Husband" (1990) At twelve, a little boy falls in love with a beautiful hairdresser. He spends his formative years obsessing over her until nearly 40 years later he fulfills his fantasy with the owner of a barber shop. The movie focuses on the barber shot and the dynamic there, but it's the brief glimpses into the couple's marriage that make this movie erotic.
  10. "Sensations" (1975) OK, so this one is flat out porn. But it's still worth including–you can't talk about erotic French film and not include it in your conversation. Sensations has been described as a pornographic "Alice in Wonderland," detailing the trip one prude, young American makes through the seedier areas of Amsterdam on the way to meet her boyfriend.
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