10 Erotic Horror Films

When we took up the task of listing 10 erotic horror films we knew there was a line that we had to tread carefully. There are plenty of horror movies that could just as easily be cast as soft core, or hard core porn and this isn't what the list is about. This isn't just about how many naked bodies are in these movies but rather action that can really rev the engine. Having said that, yes there are plenty of naked bodies in most of these films.

  1. "Species" –  You could really put all four of the "Species" movies on this list, but we'll just go with the one that started them all. Natasha Henstridge as the hybrid alien, "Sil" is simply insanely sexy. When she gets all hot and bothered whenever the male hybrid alien is around we sort of think its okay that she kills us, as long as she mates with us first.
  2. "Splice" – This definitely falls in the "troublingly erotic" category. The girl who plays the "Dren" is certainly attractive in real life, so it's no wonder that the humanoid creature is somewhat good looking. Still, when Adrien Brody's character basically performs bestiality during the turning point of the movie we both stared in horror and a bit of longing.
  3. "The Hunger" – The first of quite a few vampire movies on this list, the hunger is about an ages old female vampire who seduces both men and women and keeps them around, unaging until she grows tired of them.  The film is best known for a very hot lesbian sex scene between Catherine Deneuve (the vampire) and Susan Sarandon (her unwitting prey).
  4. "Embrace Of The Vampire" – Another lesbian vampire flick that features a twenty-something Alyssa Milano topless several different times.  There is an especially erotic scene between Milano and a photographer/vampire who performs careful seduction on the young woman.
  5. "Dead Girl" – Dead Girl is the rare truly erotic zombie movie.  Two teen boys sneak into an old mental hospital and find a girl they think is dead.  When they realize that she is sort of alive, meaning she moves and makes noises they decide to have some erotic fun.  Unfortunately she also bites.
  6. "Bram Stoker's Dracula" – There are quite a few different erotic scenes in this movie, but one of the hottest and strangest is when Lucy Westrenra, played by sexy Sadie Frost has sex with some sort of a dog beast that turns out to be Dracula in one of his many guises.
  7. "Dracula 2000" – One of Dracula's (Gerard Butler) main powers in this movie is to make almost any woman be instantly attracted to him.  The scene where he and the modern version of Lucy (pop singer Vitamin C) have sex while literally climbing the walls and levitating against the ceiling is rather hot.
  8. "Daughters Of Darkness" – The oldest movie on the list by far, this is another lesbian vampire tale.  Lesbian lovers live in a quaint cottage out in the woods, luring men and women back to their lair with promises of sex only to drink their blood.
  9. "From Dusk Till Dawn" – Strippers and vampires.  Actually, stripping vampires.  How is that not erotic?  Salma Hayek plays the lead stripping vampire and gives one of the best dances involving a giant snake in movie history. 
  10. "Jennifer's Body" – Megan Fox is simply one of the sexiest actresses of today and when she is actually using her feminine wiles to lure horny teen boys to their death it is quite the show.  Several scenes tease both the viewers and her prey with various states of undress.
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