10 Erotic Indian Girls

You need look no further than your video-rental queue to find 10 erotic Indian girls. Bollywood—as the Indian movie industry is called—is chock full of stunning, insanely hot women. And as Indian culture changes, these starlets are more and more likely to be found in sexy clothing and erotic poses.

  1. Deepika Padukone. Padukone got her start in modeling and for a while was the international spokeswoman for Maybelline. She broke into the film industry with the 2007 mega-blockbuster “Om Shanti Om,” for which she won the Best Female Debut award. She is now known the world over as one of the sweetest and most erotic Indian girls.
  2. Sushmita Sen. Need proof that Sen is one of the most erotic Indian girls? She was Miss Universe in 1994. Her biggest hit was the 2004 "Main Hoon Na," and she has won several movie awards. With a silky-sultry gaze and a smoking body, Sen melts men’s hearts.
  3. Manisha Koirala. Koirala made a name for herself in the 1990s playing serious roles. Her soulful and intense expressions are part of a picture-perfect face that is alluring and beautiful. She is involved in many social issues, including the unintentional one of making men swoon.
  4. Parvathy Omanakuttan. Omanakuttan was runner up in 2008's Miss World competition, and is clearly one of the most erotic Indian girls on the planet. This beauty’s ample bosom and composure on the catwalk and on screen turn men’s heads. She has just launched a film career and is expected to make a big splash in the upcoming years.
  5. Simran Kaur Mundi. Kaur Mundi is not yet an actress, but this Indian girl is certainly erotic, and has made her name in the pageant circuit. Known for looking incredible in a swimsuit and for a pair of deliciously pouty lips, this bombshell was Miss India Universe 2008.
  6. Payal Rohatgi. Rohatgi is an actress who got her start in modeling, gaining attention for a Cadbury ad and her work in music videos. Her acting debut came in a Bollywood remake of “American Pie.” She has an exotic look to her that is fantastic in any culture.
  7. Amrita Rao. Rao’s sweet and innocent face belies the fact that she is one of the most erotic Indian girls on the planet. Her modeling work got her noticed by Bollywood and since starting her acting career she has been nominated for a variety of awards. She looks like the girl next door, the kind you always tried to catch sunbathing.
  8. Mona “Sherlyn” Chopra. Chopra’s willingness to pose in very little clothing and in very sexy poses makes her one of the most erotic Indian girls around. In addition, she is stunningly gorgeous. In fact, in June 2010, Twitter deleted all pictures that Chopra had posted of herself and banned her from posting more.
  9. Bipasha Basu. Though on a science track early in her life, to science’s loss and horny men’s gain, Basu fell into modeling in college and is now a Bollywood actress. She has perfect facial features, darling dimples and a sweet smile.
  10. Amisha Patel. Patel’s features giver her the classic Indian look, and she is a perfectly erotic beauty. She’s socially active, doing work with the group PETA. Men will forgive her for that, however, so long as she keeps strutting her stuff on the big screen.
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