10 Essential Luxury Home Accessories

Whether you've got some cash to burn through or you just like fantasizing about what you'd do if you won the lottery, it's not easy to figure out what your ten essential luxury home accessories would be if you could make your dreams come true. Here are a few suggestions to get you in the mood to create your own essential luxury home accessories list.

  1. HDTV. Many people already have it, but if you don't, it's definitely on your list.
  2. Hot tub. The time machine is optional. Sexy and therapeutic, hot tubs are definitely an essential luxury home accessory.
  3. Pool. Beautiful to look at, good for exercise and an excuse for women to take their clothes off… What isn't essential about a pool?
  4. Pool table. Whether you're messing around with your friends or trying to seduce a lady, nothing quite says "I've made it" like having this pub essential right in your own home.
  5. Wet bar. Mixing a drink is much sexier when done at the counter of your wet bar rather than in your kitchen where everyone can see your microwave meals as you take the ice out of the freezer.
  6. Professional kitchen. Whether they cook or not, nothing makes some women drool more than a professionally appointed kitchen complete with a Wolf oven and a Sub-Zero refrigerator. It works even if one of your essential luxury home accessories is the number for Pizza Hut.
  7. Soundproof bedroom. Being able to isolate yourself from the crazy world around you, even if it's only because of sound-proofing, is truly an essential luxury.
  8. Wine cellar. If you build a wine cellar and stock it well, you tell the world that you not only have taste, you have the wisdom to preserve your essential luxury accessories.
  9. Alarm system. What's the point of having all this cool stuff if you can't keep it safe?
  10. Built-in safe. Not built into the wall, but built into the foundation of your home. If you buy a professional-grade safe and ensure that nobody is taking it out of your home unless they bring a wrecking ball, your smaller essential luxury home accessories will be safe from anyone who doesn't have a small military backing them.
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