10 European Fashion Tips

Consider these 10 European fashion tips for looking stylish in any country. Avoid fashion faux pas and blend with the locals when traveling abroad. Learn ways to incorporate European fashion into your day to day life. 

  1. Ditch the white tennis shoes. The place for tennis shoes is on the court not the pavement. If you are spending a lot of time walking, a thing that many Europeans do, then look for a pair of casual shoes that don't scream workout wear. Be sure they are well worn in before deciding to go sightseeing for hours. 
  2. Keep your pants long and slim. Like the fate of the athletic shoes, leave your shorts for the football field. Europeans are not seen sporting cut off jeans or gym shorts on the street. No one needs to see your thighs, except your girl or your spotter at the gym. 
  3. Carry a messenger bag or backpack, simply toss the fanny pack. It is unflattering on everyone and just screams, "Mock me, I'm a tourist."
  4. Dress in basics. One of the reasons Europeans manage to look so pulled together is their penchant for simple timeless pieces. Solid,crew necked  sweaters, button down shirts, straight flat front slacks. When the base of your wardrobe consists of quality pieces the overall look is more refined and European.
  5. Own a well made suit. Having a suit tailored to fit you perfectly is not a fashion tip that will go to waste. Knowing that you can quickly dress for dinner or other event helps create that relaxed European elegance.  Go for a tux as well if you so desire. A tux may not be worn often, but having one of your own, rather than a rental adds to your mystique.
  6. Choose a polo or a nice T-shirt as a casual summer top rather than anything sleeveless. Preferably a lightweight button down will keep you cool while helping you look cool and classy.
  7. Jeans are acceptable in Europe these days. A straight legged, dark washed blue jeans are appropriate for daily wear. Add a belt and matching shoes and the look is upscale.
  8. Learn how to tie a scarf. Temperatures are unpredictable and with as much walking that Europeans do, knowing how to quickly and stylishly wrap a scarf will keep you warm in a hurry.
  9. Find a stylish pair of sunglasses. Designer sunglasses or knock-offs can amp your style quotient and give you more of a European look.
  10. Stand up straight and tall. Whatever you wear, carry yourself with confidence and poise. This universal, not just European, fashion tip, will go a long way in how you are perceived.
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