10 Examples Of Seductive Music

If you have a big date coming up you’ll need to pull out the big guns, so here to help you is this list of the 10 examples of seductive music. There’s a little something for any couple. The key is to figure out your partner, what is she into? What might she not know about that you can score extra points for introducing her to? What’s going to make her feel exactly the way you want her to? Get your sound system ready because after you learn about these examples, you’ll be on your way to the hottest date of your life!

  1. Air.  As this band is a relatively new French band, chances are she won’t have heard it, and this is a good opportunity to impress her with how varied and cultured your tastes are. In addition to being varied and cultured, though, it’s really great music with catchy tunes and lyrics and interesting sexy sounds that will be perfect for setting the mood.
  2. Miles Davis.  One of the premier examples of seductive music is Miles Davis’ most recognizable and heralded albums, “Bitches Brew.” When you’re all set to pull out the biggest gun on the album, set the track to “Miles Runs the Voodoo Down,” a 14 minute jazz all star that will take her away.
  3. Marvin Gaye.  An oldie but a goodie, you can’t get much more classic than Mr. Gaye when it comes to examples of seductive music. There’s the two obvious examples of “Let’s Get it On” and “Sexual Healing,” but if you choose Marvin Gaye, impress her with some of the lesser known tunes, all the while knowing Mr. Gaye’s smooth vocals will heat up the area regardless of the song.
  4. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.  Nothing is more sexy and seductive than a duet between two incredible talents with an undeniable musical flirtation. Pick up “The Best of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong” for the best of this pair's collaborations.
  5. Ne-Yo.  One of the most popular artists on the scene right now, Ne-Yo is also one of the best examples of seductive music. His whole catalog works, but for the ultimate in steamy offerings, pick up “The Year of the Gentleman.”
  6. Usher.  Since releasing his self titled album in 2004, Usher has become R&B royalty and one of the best examples of seductive music in the business. Pick up his second album, “My Way” for some of the sexiest tunes around like “You Make Me Wanna” and “Nice and Slow."
  7. Maxwell.  Bursting into popularity and the top echelon of examples of seductive music, Maxwell is a pioneer in the R&B/Soul subgenre, Neo-Soul. Pick up his latest offering: “BLACKsummers’ night” to heat up any room.
  8. Barry White.  Possibly both the most recognizable voice and the premier example of seductive music, Barry White is known for his smooth baritone and sexy vocal stylings. While you can pick up any of Mr. White’s offerings to heat up your lady, pull out all the stops with “Love’s Serenade (Part 1)." Be aware though, you’ll have to keep up!
  9. R. Kelly.  As one of the most successful selling American R&B artists of all time, R. Kelly’s musical influences are undeniable. Also undeniable? His sexy, soulful and seductive tunes and their influence on women. “Bump n’ Grind” anyone?
  10. Keith Sweat.  A major influence on the New Jack Swing era in music, Keith Sweat has released some of the best examples of seductive music in the biz. “Make it Last Forever” and “I’ll Give all My Love to You” won’t just set a seductive mood, but also a romantic one.
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