10 Exciting New Careers

If you dread getting up in the morning to go to work, here are 10 exciting new careers that you can try to see if they will make your mornings more enjoyable.

  1. Consider becoming an event coordinator. An event coordinator host events for weddings, birthday parties or for business events. Some of the activities they performed are ordering cakes, food, invitation and entertainment. What makes this type of career exciting?  The fact that you are not doing the same thing every day because each party is different and you are meeting new people constantly.
  2. Become a travel associate. A travel associate works for airlines or cruise ships in areas such as flight attendant. In the cruise ship industry, you can work as a fitness instructor, photographer or an entertainer. Think about all the different ports you will visit and different people you will meet every day. This is truly an exciting new career because you are not only having fun meeting new people but getting paid as well. You also have the options to obtain free or reduce rate travel discounts.
  3. Think about becoming a tour guide. When you travel to another area on vacation, the person who takes you on a tour is a tour guide. They will take you to historic and popular sites. Thus, if you enjoy being around people and have great customer service, this might be the ideal opportunity for your new career.
  4. Do you like to eat? If you do, consider becoming a food critic. A food critic visits different restaurants on a regular basis and eat food for free. Think of all the different types of food that you would sample.
  5. Become a ski instructor. If you have an adventurous spirit and enjoy the cold, a ski instructor might be the ideal job for you to try. You can look for jobs in places like Aspen, Vail and Breckenridge.
  6. Consider a job as a camp counselor. Being a camp counselor is an exciting career if you love the outdoors.  In this position, you will perform leisure activities while being paid to do it. Some popular activities that a camp counselor performs are horseback riding, fishing and other activities centered around a campfire.
  7. Program a robot. This is an exciting new career that provides you with the potential to make up to $100.000.  It does require an associate degree plus training in the field. This career entails working with your computer and selling your new invention to customers. 
  8. Think about becoming a disease mapper. A disease mapper is another exciting new career option for you to consider. In this position, you would map the likelihood that a certain disease would spread. This position does require an advance degree at the masters or doctoral level. The salary for this position is up to $150,000 annually so a decent salary.
  9. Use your love of numbers to find an exciting new career in accounting. Since, you love working with numbers. You should think about becoming an accountant. As an accountant, you can work as a public accountant or a tax accountant for an accounting firm or for the Internal Revenue Service. The tax field changes constantly so you will always have new and interesting tax laws to learn.
  10. Train to become an athletic trainer. An athletic trainer is another exciting new career that you should consider. You would interact daily with physicians and clients assessing and providing immediate care or providing rehabilitation and reconditioning to your clients. Your work environment varies from the playing field, gym or hospital. This position requires a BA or a master’s degree and knowledge of both health and medicine. Some states also require an athletic trainer license. 

There are many opportunities to find an exciting new career. You just need to take the time, and review all your options, and you will surely find the career you deserve.

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