10 Exciting Sex Positions

If you want to add a little variety to your love life, try these 10 exciting sex positions. Show your partner you have a bit of flair in the bedroom by trying something other than missionary. Reinvent the way you make love with the following exciting sex positions.

  1. Steamy Kitchen. Have your partner sit on the kitchen counter with her knees up by her ears. Enter her by standing in front of her, having her wrap her arms around your for support.
  2. The Cross. Have your lady friend lie on her back as if you two were about to engage in missionary sex, but lie on top of her but at a perpendicular angle while still supporting yourself with your elbows.
  3. Get Floored. Kneel on the ground, putting a towel or cushion under your knees for some added padding. Have her sit on top of you, facing away while slowly inching down on your penis. You can lean back on one arm for added support while manually stimulating her for some extra pleasure.
  4. Reverse Cowboy. Have her lie on her back with her legs spread. Lie on top of her as if you were about to start 69, but keep moving forward and enter her while placing your shoulders underneath her legs for some added support. Giving her unadulterated access to your scrotum, anus and buttocks makes this one of the most exciting sex positions by giving her complete control over your erogenous areas.
  5. Dirty Laundry. Have her sit on top of a washing machine, letting her legs dangle off the front. Come up to her and enter her by standing in front of the door, letting her wrap her legs around you for deeper penetration. When you get a good rhythm going, start the machine to give both of you an intense orgasm you'll never forget. Giving both of you the chance to wash your clothes while having a great time makes this one of the most exciting sex positions out there, as well as one of the most efficient.
  6. Human Pretzel. Have her lie on her left side, while you sit astride her leg. Wrap her right leg around your right side, using your hands to facilitate penetration.
  7. Couch Potato. Sit on the couch and have her sit on top of you, facing away while tucking her feet in between where the back of the couch meets the seat cushion. Grab each other's forearms for support and enter her while she leans back on your thighs. She'll push down on your arms while she rides you. This is one of the most exciting sex positions as it gives you both a great view of each other's bodies.
  8. Erotic Crab Walk. Sit back, supporting yourself with your arms behind you. Have her sit in a similar fashion and inch towards. Lock your legs together and enter her, each of you doing your equal amount of thrusting.
  9. Standing Doggy Style. Have her stand in front of you, bending at the waist and keeping her upper body parallel to the floor. Stand behind her and enter her, holding onto her hips for support and more thrusting power. This position is great for couples who have a height discrepancy between them.
  10. Wheelbarrow. Definitely not for the out-of-shape, have her lie on the floor or the side of the bed with her back facing you. Lift up her legs and wrap them around your lower back, having her push up with her arms to maintain balance. Hold onto her waist and thrust into her.

If variety in the bedroom is the spice of life, sticking to the same positions is the starch. Make sure that neither of you experience boring sex again with these exciting sex positions.

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