10 Exotic Drinks That Will Impress Her

Here are 10 exotic drinks that will impress her, or at the very least leave her with a lasting impression. They come from all over the world, and some might require a little looking before you find a place that can make them well. But if you do, they are all worth the effort.

  1. Caipirinha From way south of the border and made with Cachaca, distilled sugar cane, fresh lime juice and sugar. It’s the signature drink of Rio de Janeiro and a must try for anyone who likes sweet, supermodels (a.k.a Giselle), and fun.
  2. Watermelon Man Germany is the land of beer, the king. There is no other country on Earth known so well for its alcohol. And it’s not just beer they’re known for. You can legally drink at 14 if your parents are present. Made with vodka and watermelon liqueur, it’s famous in Germany and a must try for anyone who likes watermelon, Vodka, or drinking.
  3. The Pisco Sour Grape liqueur, brandy, syrup, lemon juice, egg whites, and bitters, it’s the national drink of Lima, Peru. Not only will you get points for a good, exotic drink, but how many guys can say they know what the national drink of Peru is?
  4. The Singapore Sling Gin, cherry brandy, Benedictine, and club soda, a specialty of you guessed it, Singapore. Famous in its hometown, it’s slowing crossing the ocean.
  5. A shot of Brennivin This one is definitely exotic, but if you order it you might end up being the only one who drinks it. Brennivin is an alcohol made from fermented potato pulp with caraway seeds for flavor the signature alcohol of Iceland. In it’s home country it’s often drank after eating a piece of rotten shark meat called hakarl. It’s difficult to find in the States, so if you do find it, try it while you can.
  6. Cransoma It’s famous in its birthplace, Beijing, China. Its main ingredient is lychee liqueur mixed with cranberry vodka, apple juice, strawberry liqueur, and tonic water. It might sound like an odd mixture, but it’s actually quite good and incredibly popular.
  7. Krupnik From Lithuania, Krupnik isn’t a cocktail, it’s a type of liqueur that’s often mixed with vodka or champagne. Powerful and unique, it’s a must try.
  8. Platinum Passion  It’s made with L’esprit de Courvoisier, Ruinart champagne, syrup made from wildflower honey, passion fruit, and forest berries. If you can, it’s definitely something to try.
  9. The Breakfast in Bed It may not be the kind of exotic as some of these other drinks, but it definitely qualifies, as something to try that isn’t exactly common. It’s the specialty of a little celeb hotspot in Miami called B.E.D. Miami and it’s made with Vintage 1987 Krug champagne, Cointreau, hazelnut liqueur, white truffle, and fruit. You score major points if you bring this to your girlfriend with breakfast in bed.
  10.  The Liquid Remedy It comes in seven forms; yellow (coconut rum, mango liqueur, and pineapple juice), blue (Smirnoff Citrin, blue curacao and fresh lemonade), purple (Stoli Razberi, plum wine, razzmatazz and cranberry juice), red (Three Olives cherry vodka, pineapple and cranberry juice), green (Smirnoff Vanilla, triple sec, pineapple, orange, lemon and lime juice), orange (orange liqueur, peach vodka, orange and cranberry juice), and pink (champagne, pineapple and cranberry juice).  So there's something for every mood.
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