10 Exotic Places To Travel In February

The 10 exotic places to travel in February span from continent to continent. Depending on the country, February is an excellent month to travel. Escaping the cold weather may be what you're looking for. But a great carnival or festival is worth any trip!

  1. Nepal. Nepal is a beautiful place to travel. There are many tours and guides that can help you through the country. It is usually best to travelin February in order to partake in the one day festival known as "Basant Pancha" in Khatmandu Valley.
  2. Vietnam. Visiting Vietnam is exotic and full of beautiful tradition. Throughout the entire nation the New Year is celebrated. It is called Tet and it is a religious and celebratory event.
  3. Canada. Canada in February doesn't seem too exotic, however, it is a great place to travel. In Ottawa there is a fantastic festival called "Winterlude Festival". It lasts for the beginning weeks of February. It is celebrated only on the weekends, but if you're a huge fan of skating and sleigh rides, you'll love it.
  4. Japan. In Sapporo, Japan, the Snow Festival is happily looked forward to. There are spectacular ice sculptures displayed throughout downtown. You may feel cold, but you will feel warm with joy while gazing at the sculptures.
  5. Egypt. On February 22nd, Egyptians celebrate the "Abu Simbel Festival". The warm weather in Egypt is wonderful during the cold months of February. With Egypt's rich and ancient culture, any trip there is exotic and fantastic.
  6. Mexico. Mexico is known for being an excellent place to travel. Its always a fun time, anytime of the year. However, during February they have a Carnival in Veracruz.
  7. India. Depending on the area of the country you are in, there is something going on in the month of February in India. In North India there is an exciting festival called, "The Festival of Colour". Its only one day, so be sure to know what day it will be on when you go.
  8. Italy. In the watery streets of Venice, Italy is always exotic. In February, Venice warms up to the wonderful and infamous carnival! Its a fascinating environment to find yourself in.
  9. Belgium. Not many people find Belgium to be exotic, but in February, this little country fits the bill. The town of Binche is small, but they know how to celebrate. The weather is notoriously gray and rainy, but you can always find shelter in a local pub with others.
  10. Spain. Near Barcelona, the Sitges is a robust festival to say the least. It is a very wild celebration for the gay community. The best part, Spain is a wonderful country to visit, any time of the year!
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