10 Exotic Sex Positions

Looking for 10 exotic sex positions that could really spice up your sex life? Please note that some of these positions require an extreme level of trust between yourself and your partner. You should always clean your body before engaging in sex acts, and make sure your partner is also clean. Any act that involves both anal and vaginal sex should involve cleaning the penis between insertions. Fecal matter can cause very unpleasant infections in the vagina.

  1. The Buck. The buck is an exotic position where the male holds the female’s legs apart and stands between her legs. This is best performed on a table top, not in bed. The ideal condition is that he is strong enough to hold her legs in the air. This helps her relax and allows him to enjoy a full range of motion. It also makes switching to anal entry easier. This move requires a lot of male dexterity.
  2. The Crab. This is a man-on-top sex position just like the Buck above, but the woman’s legs are folded in. This is best performed in bed as the woman may choose to arch her back toward the man. A woman must be very flexible for this position. This requires a fair amount of female stamina.
  3. The Lotus. This is a male-female facing position. It is by far the most intimate of all positions here. The man sits cross-legged and the woman mounts him, supported on his lap. They make love by rubbing their bodies together.
  4. The Frog. This is a very athletic position. The woman is supported in mid-air by holding the man’s hands, facing away from him toward the ceiling. She balances on the tops of his feet and mounts him. She then strokes in mid-air. You can adapt this to stand on his thighs if it makes it easier. The sensations and pressure of this position are very unique.
  5. The Butterfly. This is the same position as the Frog, except the woman is facing the male. The butterfly is far more intimate than the Frog, and easier to perform. This is a high-dexterity position for a female. The female will sweat. Make the man lick it up.
  6. Doggie-style. This is an oldie but goodie. This is the man-behind-the-woman position, with him pushing into her. Make it more exotic by parting the woman’s hair so you can pull it. Also, you can manually stimulate her clitoris with your fingers. She can also reach between her legs to manually stimulate your scrotum.
  7. Sideways. This is a classic. The female receives by lying on her side. You can enhance it by providing male oral stimulation to the anus and vagina first.
  8. Tea bagging and hand manipulation. Tea bagging is the male dipping his scrotum into the female’s mouth. This can be enhanced with female hand manipulation of the penis and female oral to anal stimulation. If done right, some men will scream.
  9. Dual asphyxiation. This dangerous sexual act is performed with a plastic bag over both the man's and woman’s head. A small hole is torn in the bag to allow in some air. No bonds or ties should be placed over the ends of the bags. Close monitoring is done to help the partners remain awake and conscious during the whole affair. Highly recommended are front-facing positions like missionary, the Lotus or the Buck. This way a partner in trouble can be helped before he or she passes out. Engage in this sex position at your own risk.
  10. Doggie-style while fisting. Some women really love this position, but it is rarely talked about. In this position, the man engages in doggie-style using his fist instead of his penis. This is a very high-pressure position and care should be taken not to rupture the vaginal walls.

This completes our list of exotic sexual positions. Please enjoy the sex at your own risk.

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