10 Facts About ‘Californication’

If you are one of the many fans of Showtime’s "Californication," you may enjoy learning these 10 facts about "Californication." If you never watched the show, these facts might encourage you to see why so many people enjoy this clever show.

  1. The plot is a complicated one. A writer is trying to juggle a complicated life that involves work, an ex-girlfriend and many other women.
  2. David Duchovyny plays the father, Hank Moody. He won a Golden Globe in 2008. He also starred in the popular show "The X-Files" and is a writer and a director.
  3. Madeleine Martin plays the daughter, Becca, in the show. She also attends the School of American Ballet. Her first big break came at the age of seven when she appeared in "The Sound of Music" with Richard Chamberlain, in which she won a Tony award.
  4. The character of Hank Moody used to live in New York City. Now he lives in Los Angeles.
  5. "Californication" airs on Sunday night. Encore presentations are repeated throughout the week. The new season usually begins in September.
  6. "Californication" is considered a comedy-drama. It first aired in 2007 on August 13.
  7. The show "Californication" was created by Tom Kapinos. It is based on the life of Charles Bukowski.
  8. The show itself has been nominated for many awards. It has won an Emmy award and a Golden Globe award.
  9. "Californication" was renewed for a fourth season after gaining in popularity. It experienced a huge ratings hike during its third season.
  10. The character of Hank suffers from writer's block. He reasons that this is due to his lack of ability to say no to such things as drugs, alcohol and women.
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