10 Facts About ‘Dexter’

These 10 facts about "Dexter" will get you caught up on the Serial Killer with a heart of gold. "Dexter" is the hit Showtime series about Dexter Morgan: husband, father and blood splatter analyst by day, vigilante serial killer at night. The duel nature of Dexter's character is what has made the show so popular. Sure he kills people, but he is killing the people who truly deserve it, so it's OK. Since Dexter is a serial killer with a purpose, he has bound himself to a strict code of conduct when it comes to procuring his kills. But even Dexter's killing code isn't enough to keep the complications of juggling a family, a full-time job and a killing career at bay.

  1. The Code- To govern who and when he kills Dexter has "The Code". Taught to him by his adoptive father Harry, "The Code" ensures that Dexter never kills until he is 100% sure that a person is guilty and never takes an innocent life.
  2. Relationships-Dexter sees himself as a person devoid of human emotions. Because of that, he doesn't have very many close relationships. He spends his days and nights playing the role of what he thinks it looks like to be a respectable person. It's a disguise that has served him well. No one in his inner circle suspects that their sweet, innocent friend Dexter is a cold blooded killer.
  3. Enemies- Because he is so well liked, Dexter really doesn't have any enemies. Since the show's beginning, Dexter has only run across three people who hated him enough to try to do him in, and all of them are dead.
  4. Family– With both of his parents dead, Dexter's only living relative is his sister, Deb Morgan. In season four Dexter, expanded his family to include his new wife Rita, her two, and a new baby boy. Having a family hasn't turned Dexter into a more emotional person, it has just made his killing career more difficult.
  5. Work- By day Dexter works as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department. The nature of his job gives him access to Police files, so knows who has slipped through the cracks of the justice system.
  6. Other Killers- Dexter has a deep seeded disrespect for other serial killers that work in his city. Because most serial killers do it for the thrill and kill innocent people, he feels that they have no discipline and need to be taken out.
  7. Getting Caught- In addition to governing who and why he kills, "The Code" is also there to keep Dexter from getting caught. During the series Dexter has had a few close calls, but has always been able to pin his deeds on other killers who are usually dead, or he gets the bodies out of dodge before anyone could find them.
  8. Biological Family- Dexter has always known that he was adopted. His search for his biological family has led him to his brotheranother serial killerand the reason he developed the ability to kill. Now we aren't the kind of people that go around judging people's families, but we think two serial killers in the same family means that there is something seriously wrong with Dexter's gene pool.
  9. Sex- Since he has some serious emotional issues, Dexter doesn't have an interest in sex. He can perform when need be as part of keeping up the appearance of a normal, fully functional husband. But left to his own devices, Dexter would only have sex once a year for the release. We have decided that if Dexter had more sex, he wouldn't have to kill as much.
  10. Proteges- During his killing career has only taken on one protege. An Assistant District Attorney and serial killer, Miguel Prado. Dexter was happy to have someone to share his dark side with for awhile, but the friendship quickly went sour when Miguel used the killing secrets Dexter taught him to kill innocent people and further his career. Needless to say, this did not end well for Miguel.

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