10 Facts About Ireland

Looking for 10 facts about Ireland? Ireland is an amazing country, and we have the top 10 facts about Ireland here. Ireland is located in the Atlantic Ocean to the west of Great Britain. Ireland is an interesting country with a lot of history.

  1. Population. As of 2006, the population of Ireland was 4,062,235, with over 40% of the population living within 100 kilometers of Dublin.
  2. Death penalty. Currently there is no death penalty in Ireland, which is an interesting fact about Ireland.
  3. Cell phones. There are more cell phones in Ireland than there are people. The Irish tend to enjoy their cell phones.
  4. Beer. Ireland is the second-highest per-capital in beer consumption. The Czech Republic comes in first. This top fact probably isn't too hard to believe.
  5. Abortion. Ireland is the only country in the European Union that bans abortion, unless it is to save the mother's life.
  6. Language. Irish is the national language of Ireland, while only about 380,000 fluent speakers remain today. English is the spoken language in Ireland.
  7. War. In both World War I and World War II, Ireland stayed neutral.
  8. Religion. Over 80% of the population is Roman Catholic.
  9. Animals. Only 26 of the land mammals in Ireland are native to Ireland. This is because Ireland only became an island 10,000 years ago, after the last ice age. The red fox, European hedgehog, stoat, otter, pygmy shrew, badger and red deer are a few of the mammals native to Ireland. The brown bear, spotted hyena and other animals migrated to Ireland after the ice age. This fact is not known to many. Most people assume that the animals in Ireland are native.
  10. Government. Another top fact about Ireland is that Mary Robinson was elected the first female president of Ireland in 1990.


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