10 Facts About ‘The Pacific’

Here are 10 facts about "The Pacific." This ten part HBO mini-series is a war based production that recently started airing on HBO. If you haven't been able to catch the show yet, here are some facts.

  1. "The Pacific" premiered in the US and Canada on March 14, 2010. This ten part mini-series about World War II runs weekly on Sunday evenings on HBO. It will run for ten consecutive weeks.
  2. It was produced by the same creators of "Band of Brothers." The producers for "The Pacific," are Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Gary Goetzman. It was produced in association with HBO Films, Playtone, Dreamworks, and Seven Network.
  3. This mini-series focus on the United States Marine Corps. It tells the story of the US Marine Corps. in the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO); which is basically the military activity in the Pacific Ocean and the countries bordering it.
  4. "The Pacific" is based in parts by several books. Two of the books are by Eugene B. Sledge called, "With The Old Breed," and "China Marine." One book is by Robert Leckie titled, "Helmet for My Pillow," and the last book is called, "Red Blood, Black Sand," by Chuck Tatum.
  5. The story line in this mini-series is of three marines. It tells the intertwined stories of three men and their fellow marines during America's battle with the Japenese. The three men are Robert Leckie, John Basilone, and Eugene Sledge.
  6. The story takes place in and around the Pacific Ocean. It begins with their first battle with the Japenese on Guadalcanal. It takes them through Cape Gloucester and Peleliu, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and finally back home.
  7. The three main characters are played by Jon Seda, Joseph Mazzello, and James Badge Dale. Among the research for this show, these men visited the WWII Museum and visited with several veterans from that era.
  8. This project's budget was originally set at $100 million. The actual amount spent has been over $150 million, with the majority of that being spent in Australia.
  9. Most of the filming took place in Australia. The main three areas most of the filming took place were in Melbourne, rural Victoria, and Port Douglas, Queensland.
  10. "The Pacific" has done well with critics. The Los Angeles Times says, "it's a splendid production, absolutely worth watching." It also received an 87% score from Metacritic.

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