10 Facts About Penis Pumps

Lots of men would secretly (and some not-so-secretly) like to know 10 facts about penis pumps. Can they really help you attain and/or maintain a massive erection? Are they painful apparatuses with results that are mediocre at best, or are they a limp dick's best friend? Can penis pumps be used to permanently enlarge your penis, even if you don't struggle with erectile dysfunction? Before you run out to the nearest retailer to purchase a penis pump of your own, read these 10 facts about penis pumps.   

  1. Physical characteristics.   Also called vacuum constriction devices, penis pumps are external, cylindrical devices that attach to the end of the penis. Some sort of ring or band is placed at the opposite end of the cylinder and attached to the body. The cylinder and pump are used to create an erection, and the band stays on the penis in order to help maintain the erection.
  2. How to use a penis pump. These devices are either hand or battery operated. For manual pumps, you will use your hand to pump the bulb at the end of the device. For battery-operated pumps, you simply press a button and the pump does the work for you! For both types of pumps, you'll want to put some lube on the ring before sliding it onto your penis for a more comfortable fit.
  3. Penis pumps and erectile dysfunction.  Penis pumps are often used to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve a lasting erection and engage in intercourse. The vacuum-like device is designed to force blood flow to the penis and can often help men maintain an erection for up to 30 minutes.
  4. Penis pumps and enlargement. Penis pumps are often used to increase length and or girth. However, effectiveness is questionable, and it has been reported that the average growth in penis size is less than 10 cm, or about a quarter of an inch.
  5. Precautions. A penis pump should always be used carefully. Be sure to follow the instructions and not to pump more often than necessary. Pumping too vigorously or for too long may cause blood vessels to break or other injury. Do not overpump–less is definitely more.
  6. Where to purchase. You can buy penis pumps over-the-counter and most commonly online. Some sex shops also sell them, however those may be built more for pleasure and sexual experimentation and may lack some of the benefits that men with erectile dysfunction are looking for.
  7. Costs. Penis pumps range from about $10 to over $200, depending on what kind you choose. The hand-operated, plastic pumps are of course the cheapest, whereas the automated and vibrating pumps are more expensive. 
  8. How Well Do They Work? Results from penis pump users are varied. Some men have found that these devices have helped them resume a fairly normal sex life, while others have seen less-than-amazing results. Generally, they seem most popular amongst men who have not been able to achieve an erection at all. Men who are simply looking for a little boost in size or power are probably better off using other methods.
  9. Are results permanent? All signs point to no. In order to benefit from the effects of a penis pump, you will have to use it more than once, and sometimes before each sexual encounter.
  10. Can you use a penis pump to masturbate? Absolutely! Penis pumps can definitely be great masturbation toys–who needs a mouth when you can blow your own load?

Penis pumps are generally safe if used properly, but they are not FDA approved so be sure to use them with care. If your penis begins to hurt, bleed or show other signs of injury, stop using it immediately and seek medical help.




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