10 Facts About ‘Weeds’

For five seasons, the Showtime series “Weeds” has been delighting fans with the story of a soccer mom-turned-pot dealer and the trials and tribulations she faces. From dealing with gang wars and drivebys to dealing with her stash-stealing son, the life Nancy Botwin leads is all about dealing in every sense of the word. As the show prepares to begin its sixth season, brush up on your trivia with these ten facts about the award-winning series “Weeds.”

  1. Stevenson Ranch in California’s Santa Clarita Valley provides the exteriors for most of “Weeds.” While the aerial photo shown during the opening credits is of a gated community in Calabasas, California, the fictional town of Agrestic is actually made up of a variety of neighborhoods and locations around Stevenson Ranch, from the large fountain that appears in the opening credits right down to the Botwin house.
  2. The theme song used for the first three seasons of “Weeds” is called “Little Boxes.” It was written and recorded by folk singer Malvina Reynolds, who also wrote for and appeared occasionally on “Sesame Street” as “Kate.”  She wrote the song after a drive through Daly City, California, and her recording of the song is played during the opening credits throughout “Weeds’” first season. Over the course of seasons two and three, the song is performed by a new artist every week, including Billy Bob Thornton, Elvis Costello, Linkin Park, and The Shins.
  3. Mary-Louise Parker, who plays pot-dealing mom Nancy Botwin, has been nominated for a Golden Globe every season since “Weeds” began. Her only win came in 2006, when she beat out all four of “Desperate Housewives’” leading ladies to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a TV Comedy for her performance in ““Weeds.” Coincidentally, she had been offered the role of “Susan” on “Desperate Housewives” by the show’s creator, Marc Cherry, but declined the part.
  4. “Weeds” creator Jenji Kohan also writes and produces the show. She has also written episodes of “Gilmore Girls,” “Sex in the City,” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” While she received an Emmy nod when “Weeds” was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, Kohan’s only Emmy win was as a supervising producer for the Tracey Ullman series, “Tracey Takes On…”
  5. The voices for the fish family in “Finding Nemo” were briefly reunited for an episode of “Weeds.” Regular cast members Alexander Gould,  who plays Shane Botwin, and Elizabeth Perkins, who plays Celia Hodes, both lent their voices to Pixar’s Academy Award winning film “Finding Nemo,” as Nemo and Nemo’s mother, Coral, respectively. In the fourth season of “Weeds,” Albert Brooks, who provided the voice for Nemo’s father, Marlin, made a guest appearance on the series.
  6. In the third season of “Weeds”, the residents of Agrestic and Majestic take shelter in a recreational center when wildfires force evacuations. Kevin Nealon’s character, Doug Wilson, sings and plays the banjo, which mined Nealon’s talent for playing the banjo, which he’s cultivated since he was 18.
  7. While Celia and Dean Hodes’s daughter Isabelle appears regularly, their older daughter only appeared briefly in the first season. Quinn Hodes dated Silas Botwin before she was sent to boarding school in Mexico. Her offense? She used Celia’s “teddy bear cam,” set up to catch Isabelle sneaking food, to film her father cheating with a tennis instructor.
  8. Whenever anyone on “Weeds” drinks through a straw, a “slurping” sound effect is added. While this noise usually only occurs when a beverage reaches a low level, this running sound gag is heard every time a character on “Weeds” uses a straw.
  9. “Rejuvenile” author Christopher Noxon is married to Jenji Kohan.  In an unabashed show of nepotism, the book appeared in three episodes during the second season of “Weeds,” and, in an episode in the third season, Uncle Andy describes himself as rejuvenile.
  10. Three regular “Weeds” cast members share the same birthday. While it’s not unusual for actors to fall under the emotional and passionate sign of Scorpio, it is highly unusual to find three on the same set who were born on the same date. Elizabeth Perkins, Romany Malco and Kevin Nealon all celebrate on November 18.
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