10 Fake Wrestling Moves

When it comes to showcasing, we all know there are more than 10 fake wrestling moves out there. Since the advent of muscle-heads and actor-athletes, fake wrestling moves have made their appearance in just about every place we know. Through magazines, radio stations, and (of course) television, unreal wrestling moves have taken priority in what used to be a Greco-Roman tradition. Nonetheless, these wrestling moves serve their purpose, and are most assuredly fun to watch.

  1. The Choke Slam. If there's one thing that ugly mug told us, it's that grabbing your opponent by the neck and throwing them to the ground looks so cold. Kane, and sometimes his brother (The Undertaker), often used this as his finishing move in the late 1990's and early 2000's.
  2. The Worm. "Scotty Too Hotty" is the only one 'cool' enough to take a dance move and make it into one of the most ineffective, fake wrestling moves in the history of the former WWF. Still, you have to admit, "The Worm" makes belly-flopping on the ground look hilarious.
  3. The Stone Cold Stunner. While the "stunner" is an actual variant of wrestling moves, the "Stone Cold Stunner" isn't. Steve Austin would always do this to finish off his opponent and show them a huge sign of disrespect. Mix hard rock, wrestling, and a beer belly together and you've got the "Stone Cold Stunner."
  4. The Tombstone Piledriver. Getting his own spot among the best unreal wrestling moves, the Undertaker gives us a version of the reverse piledriver that everyone is sure to remember. As if dropping someone on their head wasn't good enough, why not lift them up yourself?
  5. The Hip Hop Drop. The other member of "Too Cool," Grandmaster Sexay, gave the world the "Hip Hop Drop." Billed as one of the goofiest white guys into hip hop culture you've ever seen, Sexay would often perform this finishing move in union with Scott Garland.
  6. The Wall of Jericho. Painful in real life (not to mention dangerous), the "Wall of Jericho" is definitely in the extensive list of fake wrestling moves. A broken back is not funny, but Chris Jericho's heroics sure are.
  7. The People's Elbow. Back when Dwayne Johnson didn't make movies for a living, the "People's Elbow" was one of the most feared moves on the mat. A drop down sharp elbow to the chest was no fun, and going against one of the WWF's longest title holders isn't easy either.
  8. The Pedigree. Done by one of the meanest wrestlers in the business, Triple H's finishing hold is one of the best wrestling moves in the history of the sport. Taking your enemy down in between you legs just has a way of showing how cool the facebuster really is.
  9. The Olympic Slam. Named after Kurt Angle's single gold medal in the 1996 Olympics, this move is most assuredly unreal. This baby face's finish move is also known as the "Angle Slam."
  10. The RKO. Randy Orton's finishing move, this one is more specifically known as the "Jumping Cutter." Still, it does look cool to intercept your opponent in mid-air, you have to admit it.

The best thing about fake wrestling moves is that they are just that: fake. Real wrestling moves aren't nearly as funny, and tons more sweaty. Let's be real: while professional wrestling isn't that "professional", it sure entertains quite well. Be safe, and as Hogan would say: "Keep it real brother!"

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