10 Famous African American Basketball Players

Famous African American basketball players have become as popular and recognized as some of Hollywood's hottest actors and actresses. Though the NBA is full of players from all races and countries, there are some who stand out more than others. There are many African American players in the NBA who are famous, but here's a list of only ten famous African American basketball players.

  1. Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman is one of the more famous African American basketball players. Rodman was first drafted by the Detroit Pistons and later became a part of the Chicago Bulls Dream Team. Rodman's fame off the court was boosted by his eccentric behavior. Rodman appeared at events in makeup, fully tattooed and even in a wedding dress. He has since been in several rehabilitation centers, but still never ceases to amaze.
  2. Shaquille O'Neal Shaquille O'Neal, also known as Shaq, is a giant in the industry at seve feet one inch tall and over 300 pounds. He began his basketball career in high school and continued in college until he was drafted by the Orlando Magic in 1992 and was 1993's "Rookie of the Year." Although a popular player, his rivalry with teammate Kobe Bryant burst him into the limelight even further. Things got so heated between the two players that Shaq did a improvised performance of a song that was directed at Kobe Bryant and it wasn't singing his praises. Shaq continued to wow off the court recently with a highly publicized divorce from his wife and his rants and protests of the show she currently produces.
  3. Michael Jordan Michael Jordan is famous for everything he's ever done. He is probably the most famous player in basketball history. He lead the Chicago Bulls to six championships in eight seasons. Even in his retirement he is still sinuous with basketball with his Michael Jordan brand.
  4. Ervin Johnson Ervin "Magic" Johnson was one of the leaders in the game. He became even more famous when he announced to the public that he had been having extra marital affairs and his cheating resulted in him contracting HIV. Shock and fear struck fans as Johnson continued to play in the league even after the announcement.
  5. Allen Iverson Allen Iverson began his career with promise, potential and a different hairstyle for each game. His fame on the court dwindled while his off-court infamy grew. He was charged with assaulting his wife and allegedly put her out of their home naked.
  6. Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant was known as the golden boy in basketball until a trip to Denver, Colorado. Bryant was accused of raping a hotel worker and the fallout from the incident haunted him for years afterward. He admitted to the affair, but claimed it was consensual.
  7. Ron Artest Ron Artest is a passionate individual and that passion spills over onto the basketball court. He is famous for his brawl with a fan after a soda was thrown onto the court during a game against the Detroit Pistons.
  8. LeBron James Lebron James is another famous African American basketball player, but his fame steams from his abilities on the court and his philanthropy off-court.
  9. Julius Erving Julius Erving is one of the original famous African American basketball players in NBA history. He was an amazing player who's abilities innovated basketball.
  10. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was famous for his abilities in the game. He won six NBA championships and six MVP awards during his career as a NBA player.

African Americans have become the majority of players seen in the NBA despite the league's beginnings. Many African American players in the game are famous for various reasons from financial to personal to professional. This list of famous African American basketball players names only a few players and a few of the varying types of fame being in the public eye offers. 

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