10 Famous Athletes With Disabilities

These are ten famous athletes with disabilities. Being a professional athlete is hard enough but playing with a disability is even harder.

  1. Samari Rolle– One of the most effective corner backs in the league suffers from epilepsy. He says it is minor but it is very likely he is just downplaying his disability to prevent a national story from occurring. Either way he is one of the most famous athletes with a disability.
  2. Tom Dempsey– How do you become a kicker if you don't have a foot? Ask Tom Dempsey. Not only did this famous athlete with a disability have a successful career, but he set the record for the longest field goal.
  3. Glenn Cunningham– This track and field runner was caught in a school house fire at the age of eight but still had a very successful career. He had all of his toes burnt off but fought the odds and became a legend.
  4. Natalie Du Toit– Natalie Is a swimmer with only one leg. Despite this, she won four gold medals at the 2004 Olympics and later on qualified for the 2008 Olympics, making her one of the most famous athletes with a disability of all time.
  5. Peter Gray– This man had one arm yet still made it into the Major League Baseball. He had to learn how to pitch, catch the ball, quickly drop the glove and throw the ball. He did all that in one quick motion while winning an MVP award
  6. Jim Abbot– Another pitcher with a disability, Abbot had no right hand. Even with no right hand he played quarterback in college, participated in the Olympics, and made it to the MLB making a name for being one of the most famous athletes with a disability.
  7. April Hulmes– April Hulmes is missing a foot yet still managed to set world records in track and field. She did not let anything hold her back as she set world records in both the 300 and 400 meter run.
  8. Rocky Bleier– This is a noble man. After being drafted, he enlisted to serve in Vietnam, came back with 40 percent of his foot missing and rehabbed until he was able to return to the National Football League.  He contributed to the Steelers winning four Super Bowls.
  9. Jay Cutler– Jay Cutler is a very prestigious quarterback for the Chicago Bears and one of the most famous athletes playing with a disability. What exactly is he suffering from? Type 1 Diabetes, which has a side effect of extreme fatigue. Playing a 60 minute game is no doubt a challenge for Jay Cutler.
  10. David Garrard– Another quarterback in the NFL, David Garrard is a famous athlete currently suffering from Crohns disease.
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