10 Famous Athletes That Have Used Steroids

Ever wonder about 10 famous athletes who have used steroids? Sure you have. Steroids have plagued sports and given athletes an unfair edge. Here are ten of the most infamous cheaters:

  1. David Ortiz- Yep, the news broke on him in 2009. Big Papi, one of the most recognizable figures in baseball around the world has juiced. Hes one of the ten most well known athletes who have used steroids. We kind of suspected his drastic rise in home runs was fishy
  2. Barry Bonds– You knew he was going to be on the list of the ten athletes who have used steroids. Along with using steroids, he has lied about doing them and faces perjury charges. The news on him broke in 2007, as he used "The Cream".
  3. Jason Giambi– Giambi is probably the most comedic of the ten athletes who have used steroids. He says he only used it to heal. Yea, sure Giambi, we believe you used it every week to heal.
  4. Lenny Dykstra- "Nails" used steroids. That is just one of his many issues though. Ever since he retired, this multiple world champion has been busted of using steroids, been sued numerous times, filed for bankruptcy, and lost his entire fortune. Karma was not nice to him.
  5. Andy Pettite- He did not even deny it. He was guilty of being one of the most well known famous athletes who have used steroids and he knew it. This future Hall Of Fame player was simply guilty and with all the evidence against him, it was useless to deny
  6. Mo Vaughn- You did not think he disappeared for sports by coincidence, did you? Nope, he disappeared because the side effects of steroids were slowly ruining his body and eventually he could barely function on the diamond.
  7. Miguel Tejeda- Oh man is Miguel guilty. First he used steroids to break into Major League Baseball, then he lied about his age so people might think he was some hot shot prospect. Unfortunately karma has not caught onto him yet but it will, because it does with every famous athlete who has used steroids.
  8. Eric Gagne- The former single season saves leader is still floating around in professional baseball, but it is very doubtful that he will ever sign and be effective. This famous athlete who has used steroids has been struggling with the after effects of steroids since 2007. He has since had his record broken just like his spirit.
  9. Rafael Palmeiro- Rafael did not even wait for the Mitchell Report to be released before he came clean. Does that mean his conscience caught up to him? No, it means he ran out of money. He wrote a book admitting he used steroids and named many famous athletes with him in a pathetic attempt to make a buck off of his situation.
  10. A-Rod- The face of baseball and the man expected to break Barry Bonds single season home run record is as guilty as the rest. First he denies it then he plays it up as a sob story. All of America is waiting for Karma to hit him hard, as it should

So there they are. Ten famous athletes who have used steroids. Ten players who have tarnished the sport. Ten disgraces…



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