10 Famous Bisexuals

Some of the 10 most famous bisexuals in Hollywood happen to be some of the sexiest women in entertainment. Not to be confused with gay women, the below list includes lovely ladies that have dated both men and women during their illustrious careers. 

  1. Anne Heche Number one on the list is the lovely, yet loony, Anne Heche. She achieved immediate notoriety for being bisexual when she dated Ellen DeGeneres in the late nineties before marrying her camera man, Coley Laffoon.  
  2. Anna Paquin America's favorite fang banger, Anna Paquin is another famous bisexual. Paquin is currently married to Stephen Moyer, her "True Blood" co-star. In April of 2010, Paquin came out nationally as being bisexual.
  3. Lindsay Lohan One of America's favorite train wrecks, Lohan has been involved with a plethora of guys. However it was her relationship with DJ, Samantha Ronson that created the most buzz. 
  4. Angelina Jolie Not only is Jolie the object of sexual fantasies of heterosexual males around the world, she is also the subject to such fantasies by lesbian women; especially after she admitted to being bisexual in 2003. Additionally, in between her marriage with Billy-Bob Thornton and current relationship with Brad Pitt, she had a sexual relationship with her "Foxfire" co-star, Jenny Shimizu. 
  5. Madonna There are not too many celebrities who are as open about sex as Madonna. From her alleged lesbian relationship with Sandra Bernhard, to her on stage kiss with Britney Spears, Madonna has been linked to bisexuality for decades. Can you imagine, her, Angelina Jolie, and Lindsay Lohan in a lesbian threesome?
  6. Tila Tequila Another Hollywood nut job, this sexy Singaporean is very open about her bisexuality since she had her own reality show that featured both male and female contestants vying for her "love." She is also rumored to have a sex tape circulating featuring her and a an ex-boyfriend. 
  7. Drew Berrymore This former "train wreck turned normal" is openly bisexual. It is believed that she once had a sexual relationship with former magazine editor and current Sirius Radio talk show host, Jane Pratt.
  8. Laurel Holloman Laurel Holloman is another openly bisexual Hollywood star. In fact, Holloman played lesbian characters in the movie "The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love," and the Showtime hit series, "The L Word." She is currently separated from husband, Paul Macherey. 
  9. Marlene Dietrich The late German actress Marlene Dietrich was one of the earliest bisexual women in Hollywood. In addition to marrying a Hollywood director, Dietrich had an affair with writer Mercedes de Acosta.
  10. Julie Cypher Once married to Lou Diamond Phillips, Julie Cypher left the former "Young Guns" star and ran off with rocker, Melissa Etheridge. Howard Stern once had Phillips on his show, where he teased him about his ex-wife's lesbian affair, while "come to my window" played in the background. 
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