10 Famous Businessmen In Denmark

Do you have an idea about who are 10 famous businessmen in Denmark? Many are not aware that most of the leading companies in the world are actually established by great entrepreneurs in Denmark, one of the best countries in which to have a business. But during the earlier years, it still takes a lot of perseverance to succeed like these Danish businessmen.

  1. Arnold Peter Moller (1876-1965) – The name behind Maersk, Arnold Peter Moller founded A.P. Moller-Maersk Group in 1904. Maersk is now one of the world’s largest container ship operator or provider. Successful in other fields of business, Maersk has partnered with great companies like Dansk Supermarked.
  2. Mads Clausen (1905-1966) – Starting everything in the attic, Mads Clausen created Danfoss in 1933. He had become one of the 10 famous businessmen in Denmark for founding and managing to make Danfoss one of the most trusted companies in the refrigeration, heating and air-conditioning industry.
  3. Hans Niels Andersen (1852-1937) – Before becoming one of the 10 famous businessmen in Denmark, Hans Niels Andersen worked in the ship industry as a ship builder, carpenter, first mate and eventually a master of the ship in Thailand. It was 1897 that he was able to get into freight business. He founded the East Asiatic Company that serves freight and passenger lines in between Denmark and the Far East.
  4. Jacob Christian Jacobsen (1811 to 1887) ­– J.C. Jacobsen was the founder one of the leading brewing companies of the world—Carlsberg. As an industrialist, he made great contributions in refrigeration techniques and steam brewing. Carlsberg was named after his son Carl.
  5. Herman Salling – Founder of the Danish Supermarket Group known as Dansk Supermarked. Herman Salling established it in 1960 with the initial name of JYSK Supermarked. He partnered with Moller to make the business expand more effectively.
  6.  Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891-1958) – Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen was the innovative creator of Lego. He started this by making wooden toys that later developed into the building blocks made of plastic. The Lego Group has become popular not only with children but adults who love Lego's toys, games, movies, and theme parks.
  7. Janus Friis – Born on June 26, 1976, Janus Friis has become popular in the IT industry. He was the co-founder of Kazaa and Skype that have been effective in file sharing and telecommunications, respectively. Janus Friis and his partner Niklas Zenstroom sold Skype to Ebay for 2.6 million dollars.
  8. Villum Kann Rasmussen – As a civil engineer, Kann Rasmussen applied his knowledge into business and has become one of the 10 famous businessmen in Denmark. His learnings in and out of the University helped him to focus in product development for his company. He always looked at how every detail and aspect of their products can be more innovative and beneficial to customers. Established by Rasmussen, Velux provides world-class products for home improvement including roofs, windows, blinds, etc.
  9. Poul Due Jensen – Established Grundfos, Poul Due Jensen is considered one of the 10 famous businessmen in Denmark for founding the world’s largest pump manufacturer. As an entrepreneur, he gives importance to research and development and they have invested so much, but the returns have been of  the utmost significance all over the world.
  10.  Lars Larsen– Starting from practically nothing, Lars Larsen established a retail chain of home equipment like furniture and mattresses. His brilliant ideas and hard work as an entrepreneur made him one of the 10 famous businessmen in Denmark for having the largest Danish retailer that is known worldwide.
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