10 Famous Businessmen In India

The 10 most famous Businessmen in India are not new contenders. They are leading business heads on the planet with economic expertise and solid names. Their industries are multiple from real estate to software, cement to petroleum refinement. These moguls have capitalized on business opportunity after another, acquiring incomes that exceed billions. Here we highlight ten who have astonished the world by their entrepreneurial initiative, management, and success. 

  1. Mukesh Ambani is the most famous Indian business mogul with a Midas touch. He owns petroleum assets netting more than $29 billion dollars. Ambani luxuriates in the number one position as Indian’s wealthiest businessman and the fourth richest man in the world according to the "Forbes" 2010 list. His mammoth earnings proceed from his company, Reliance Industries Limited and has helped established a booming oil refinery.
  2. Lakshmi Niwas Mittal edges Ambani by a slight $0.3 billion as the one of the most famous Indian businessmen. Grossing $28.7 billion, Mittal literally has an iron fist with mass revenue holdings in the oil and steel sector. He stands as India’s second most famous and affluent businessman and the world’s number five richest man.
  3. Azim Premji is and has been a longstanding famous Indian businessman. Premji’s source of income comes from his entrepreneurial skills in the software sector (the Bill Gates of India if you will). This business tycoon runs Wipro, one of India’s largest software industries worth $5.5 billion which sells software abroad.  "Forbes" has valued him at $17 billion.
  4. Anil Ambani, sibling to Mukesh Ambani, is a famous Indian business tycoon (world’s number 36) with property amounting to $13.7 billion. He co-chairs Reliance business group owning massive stakes since the company split. His division of Reliance has interests in telecommunication, gas, oil, entertainment, and finance.
  5. Shashi and Ravi Ruia famous Indian business magnates (and magnets) and CEOs of the Essar Group. The Essar Group centres on the production of petroleum, steel, and gas, teaming with Shell. This dynamic duo possesses a net $13 billion income.
  6. Savitri Jindal is India’s most famous female business woman who presides over the steel and power multinational company, the O.P. Jindal Group. Widowed since 2005, her husband and the CEO Om Prakash Jindal had been in command of this conglomerate. She has powered her way to proceeds worth $12.2 billion, and is the world’s fourth richest woman.
  7. Kushal Pal Singh’s stands among the most famous Indian businessmen. His sharp business acumen has earned him billions through his real estate giant, DLF. Singh currently grosses $9 billion.
  8. Kumar Birla has earned renown as a famous Indian businessman. His fortune is attributed to his ownership of the Aditya Birla Group which majors in textile, telecommunication and India’s main cell phone and cement supplier. Birla has cemented his wealthy position with an estimate of $7.9 billion.
  9. Sunil Mittal’s $7.8 billion earnings places his as another famous Indian businessman. He currently owns Bharti Airtel, India’s largest cell phone dealer and distributor.  Mittal’s industries span the telecommunication world and does business with Walmart.
  10. Indu Jain is another famous Indian business woman who is a master in India’s communications world. She supervises Bennett, Coleman & Co. and has launched the journals, "The Times of India," "India’s Economic Times," and a media internet company, Times Internet. Jain has consolidated herself among India’s top business women with $4.4 billion.


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