10 Famous Businessmen In Monaco

Who are 10 famous businessmen in Monaco? Known as one of the best countries to establish a business, Monaco is recognized for its success in the tourism industry. These ten famous businessmen in Monaco are evidence that it’s true only if you know how to handle the business.

  1. Bernard Lambert Contributing to the development of the rich culture of Monaco, Bernard Lambert has owned and managed numerous hotels in this wealthy country. This made him one of the ten famous businessmen in Monaco as his wealth, international business skills and power made him extraordinary. He is the CEO of Monte Carlo S.B.M.
  2. Stefano Casiraghi Stefano Casiraghi has become successful for his versatility in business. He has been into various fields including export, real estate and construction. He had business establishments and transactions not only in Monaco, but also all over the world.
  3. Pierre Casiraghi Son of Stefano Casiraghi and Caroline (Princess of Hanover), Pierre Casiraghi had the majority of the shares the construction company that his father established.
  4. Xavier Rugeroni Monaco basically owes their great tourism to Xavier Rugeroni since 2007. As one of the ten most famous businessmen in Monaco, Xavier Rugeroni is the Regional Vice President and General Manager of Fairmont Monte Carlo.
  5. Jean-Francois Gourdon As a degree holder in Press Law and Management, Jean-Francois Gourdon has greatly contributed in tourism and communications of Monaco. Since 2008, he has become the effective Communication and Press Director of the Monaco Government and Tourist Authority. His credentials and success in his field has made him indeed famous.
  6. Prince Albert II As the ruler of the Principality of Monaco, Prince Albert II leads the country towards international and local business development. He’s definitely one of the ten most famous businessmen in Monaco, the second smallest country but full of wealth in trade and industry. He plays a big part in keeping Monaco diversified and successful in overall trade.
  7. Michel Bouquier As the President of the Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority, Michel Bouquier has the mission to keep the country’s “multi-faceted” tourism through extensive sales and marketing strategies for travelers and investors. He is one of the ten most famous businessmen in Monaco, especially in the field of tourism that remains flourishing in the country.
  8. Jacques Abramoff Jewish Jacques Abramoff has also been considered one of the ten most famous businessmen in Monaco. As a businessman, he has become successful in a variety of fields, including the food industry, importing and clothing lines. His family started with some grocery stores that flourished into a wholesale business. Not only one of the ten famous businessmen in Monaco, Jacques Abramoff is also the President of the Monaco Jewish Community.
  9. Mark Dixon Starting at a young age in business, Mark Dixon began his career with a van selling hot dogs and sandwiches. He has traveled the world and decided to be in Monaco for tax reasons. He has been into the wine industry and IT industry in which he developed Regus for business’ office accommodation all over the world. With all his business endeavors, he has become one of the ten most famous businessmen in Monaco.
  10. Nasser Al-Rashid Although Saudi Arabian by blood, Nasser Al-Rashid owns one of the most prominent super yachts in Monaco known as Lady Moura. He is one of the co-founders of Prince Albert II Monaco Foundation. He is a great entrepreneur who’s considered one of the ten most famous businessmen in Monaco.
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