10 Famous Businessmen On Twitter

Looking for 10 famous businessmen on Twitter? Famous businessmen on Twitter include stock traders and casino owners, as well as some extremely famous businesswomen. Tweeting is done by high school students, film stars and also by noted businessmen, and the chat is surprisingly about more than just business topics.

  1. Donald Trump. The Trumpster uses Twitter to remind folks to watch his wife Melania on QVC and view his own show, "The Celebrity Apprentice," on NBC. He also hawks one of his media properties when he tweets a reminder to watch the Miss USA pageant. Trump is just one of the famous businessmen on Twitter, but he may be one of the few to have nearly 70,000 followers.
  2. Oprah Winfrey. Numerous tweeters signed on to Twitter impersonating the Queen of Daytime Television, but Oprah's current Twitter account as been verified as authentic. More than three million folks receive her missives when she tweets from her studio in Chicago or from her home in California. Oprah's tweets play an important role in updating her fans. She's famous, she's a businesswoman and she's on Twitter.
  3. Lance Armstrong. Sure, he's a cyclist, but Armstrong also presides over his own health network and marketing empire. He's a famous businessman on Twitter who promotes health and the products he endorses, including sports drinks and cycling equipment.
  4. Snoop Dogg. Snoop is a confirmed tweeter with an account that promotes his music and films. Snoop Dogg is also a savvy businessman involved in the manufacture and promotion of foot-long hot dogs, skateboards and luggage, shoes, candy and clothing.
  5. George Lucas. Bringing in more than $3 billion to date, Lucas is a director, producer, founder of Lucasfilm, Ltd., and certainly famous. George uses Twitter to promote his business empire as well as his educational foundation.
  6. Martha Stewart. Martha is another businesswoman who understands the importance of social networking. With two million followers, she is second only to Oprah Winfrey in female businesswoman tweetability. Her pet dog provides the background for her Twitter page. Martha keeps her fans up to date on tree auctions and where she'll turn up for book signings.
  7. Paul McCartney. Sir Paul McCartney is worth millions, even after his infamous divorce. He promotes his concert appearances, manages his music properties, hawks CDs and continues his late wife Linda's cause of vegetarianism by promoting essay contents for "Meat-Free Mondays." He tweets about each of these topics on his Twitter page.
  8. David Letterman. Talk show host, comedian and businessman David Letterman opened his Twitter account on national television and, with much difficulty, tweeted his first message in December of 2009. The epic message: "Do you smell veal and peppers?" Letterman's business empire includes television production and Indy car race teams.
  9. Bill Gates. You'd figure nerdy computer-type businessmen would be on Twitter, but Steve Jobs is a no-show. Famous businessman Bill Gates, working from a verified account, is present on Twitter and informs folks about his non-profit foundation's work with education and health issues. You'll find this famous businessman on Twitter focusing on global hunger, disaster relief and HIV research. One of the world's richest men, checking in with over $1 billion in assets, Gates posts frequent tweets to followers.
  10. Michael Bloomberg. Famous businessman and New York City Mayor Bloomberg is a verified Twitter commentator. The mayor's tweets promote relief for Haiti, NYC baseball and a campaign to "Tweet Out the Vote" for important elections. Mayor Bloomberg came in as number eight on "Forbes" magazine's richest Americans, and he is a famous businessman you'll find tweeting on Twitter.
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