10 Famous Businesswomen

The era of male dominance in business is over, and females are taking over the boardrooms, as evidenced by the 10 famous businesswomen listed here. These businesswomen have been smart, savvy, influential and willing to do whatever it takes to make a name for themselves and their companies.

  1. Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey, billionaire, publisher and talk show host extraordinaire, is a respected businesswoman, famous for her ability to make everything she touches turn to gold.
  2. Mary Kay Ash. This businesswoman founded Mary Kay Cosmetics, which not only upped the hot factor for millions of women, it gave them opportunities to run their own businesses doing what they enjoyed.
  3. Debbi Fields. This businesswoman took the one talent she had—baking chocolate chip cookies—and created a company that makes many mall-goers drool.
  4. Estée Lauder. This businesswoman created a cosmetics company that draws a significant share of the market in department stores. Her name is on one of her product lines, making her one of the ten most well-known businesswomen.
  5. Suze Orman. This businesswoman dishes out common sense advice about money as a certified financial planner on television and radio shows. Her books have been on bestseller lists and her picture is everywhere, making her one of the ten most famous businesswomen today.
  6. Irene Rosenfeld. This businesswoman knows something about kids' foods, being the CEO of Kraft Foods. Even during a recession, she went for the jugular—and the heart—by advertising her company’s feel-good foods.
  7. Andrea Jung. This businesswoman has given the Avon lady a whole new look as CEO and innovator of new sub-brands that appeal to a younger generation.
  8. Ursula Burns. Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox, became the first African American leader of a Fortune 500 company. She has blazed a trail for all businesswomen of color.
  9. Anne Sweeney. This businesswoman put on her mouse ears as co-chairperson of Disney Media and president of the Disney-ABC TV Group, and become one of the ten best-known women in business.
  10. Coco Chanel. Coco created one of the most enduring and endearing women’s brands with classic fashion and her famous Chanel No. 5 fragrance that will send any red-blooded man into olfactory orbit.

The key to being a successful, famous businessperson, whether you’re a man or woman, is to create something that is sustainable and bigger than you.

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