10 Famous Democrats

The Democratic party is known for its passionate support of the lower and middle classes, thanks to the efforts of 10 famous Democrats. However, despite the good they have accomplished and the change they continue to work toward, the party is experiencing discontent among the American people. What direction will the party go from here?   

  1. Barack Obama. President Barack Obama became the first African-American President of the United States in January 2009. Elected by a sound majority, his approval ratings have since been in a constant state of decline over health care policies that many Americans seem to oppose. Nevertheless, he is the face of famous Democrats across the country.
  2. Hillary Clinton. After a bitter primary battle with Barack Obama, Clinton set aside her differences and took on a role in Obama's administration as the Secretary of State. Wife of two-term President Bill Clinton and former Senator of New York, Clinton denies any interest in running for the Presidency again, though millions of supporters would probably like for her to. One of the most powerful of the famous Democrats on this list!
  3. Nancy Pelosi. Many Republicans view Pelosi as the most divisive politician in Washington, but her constituents love her for the tenacity she has shown over the health care bill. However, Pelosi did undergo criticism over her spearheading a campaign against water-boarding after being on record as for the measure previously.
  4. Barney Frank. The first openly gay politician, Frank has paved the way for many homosexuals to have a say in government. He was also one of the main supporters of the controversial billion dollar bailout of 2009. Still, no amount of controversy keeps him from being known as one of the most famous Democrats in the nation.  
  5. Rahm Emanuel. Chief of Staff to President Obama, Emanuel has had  careers in political staffing, finance, and Congress, before accepting the invite from Obama. Known for his bulldog tenacity, Emanuel has a reputation for being tough but fair among Democrats and many Republicans.
  6. James Carville. A former Congressman and lead strategist of the Clinton Presidency, Carville now works as a media personality, political consultant, and sometimes actor. He is known for his liberal ideologies, but has been married to conservative pundit Mary Matalin since 1993. This added complexity continues to keep Carville in the public eye, making him one of the most famous Democrats in the country.
  7. Howard Dean. Former physician, governor of Vermont, and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Dean was thought to be a shoo-in for a Cabinet post in the Obama administration but was overlooked, much to the chagrin of his supporters. Still, Dean stays active with a career as a consultant and public speaker, keeping him as one of the most easily recognized of famous Democrats across the country.
  8. John Edwards. Edwards, once a prominent North Carolina Congressman and Vice Presidential pick from candidate John Kerry, Edwards is today known mostly for his affair with Rielle Hunter, in which he fathered an illegitimate child and betrayed his cancer-stricken wife. Not one of the famous Democrats one would want to admire, he is still one of the most easily recognized.
  9. Al Gore. Revered for his work with climate change, Gore is a former two-term Vice President of the United States. He lost a controversial bid for the Presidency in 2000, but has since maintained a positive public image despite somewhat dry perceptions. Like former President Bill Clinton, Gore is one of the famous Democrats who tries to do as much good as he can with his notoriety.  
  10. Bill Clinton: Clinton's two-term Presidency is widely viewed as one of the most successful of the 20th Century, despite a sex scandal involving intern Monica Lewinsky and questionable health. Clinton has been in the hospital twice with heart problems. Despite these setbacks, his work with former President George Bush, a Republican, has been one of the few shining examples of bipartisanship in the American political arena. It is also why he remains one of the most powerful and famous Democrats in the world.  
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