10 Famous Fat Male Actors

There are many fat male actors all over the world, so finding 10 famous fat male actors in the United States is not so hard nowadays. The face of Hollywood changes on a daily basis. Female actors are usually under the microscope when it comes to weight. Most of them aren't supposed to gain a certain amount of weight for the sake of a "perfect" image. However, male actors are sometimes given that leeway. To some, image is everything, but there are a few actresses and actors who go against the grain and not worry about body image in the limelight. There are many "fat" actors, but ten famous fat actors who stand out the most are:

  1. Richard Riehle is known for his role in the film "Office Space". Riehle is considered one of ten famous fat male actors.
  2. Kevin James is a comedian and played in his most recent movie, "Grown Ups".
  3. James Gandolfini is best known for his role as the father, Tony Soprano, in HBO's series, "The Sopranos".
  4. Jareb Dauplaise played as "Dilio" in 2008's, "Meet the Spartans".
  5. Abraham Benrubi plays in a regular role in the television series, "ER".
  6. Danny DeVito acted in "Lady Liberty" in 1971, and his latest film, "Girl Walks Into A Bar", which is undergoing post-production, along with many films in between.
  7. Ken Hudson Campbell played in various television series and films. He also does quite a few voice overs for commercials.
  8. Drew Carey is best known for his role in "The Drew Carey Show".
  9. Zach Galifianakis played the extremely funny, Alan Garner, in "The Hangover".
  10. John Goodman is last but not least of famous fat male actors. He was known best as Dan Connor in the sitcom, "Roseanne".

Television and film give viewers some type of perception of what's considered and accepted as thin and what is considered fat. Television and film also make these ten famous fat actors appear to be larger on screen than what they actually are in person. Many actors who were fat last year, may very well not be fat now. Some fat male actors are making lifestyle changes and losing weight for various reasons. These ten famous fat male actors don't worry about their weight as being unacceptable. These ten famous fat male actors simply continue doing their best works as individuals, based off of what experience they have to offer, not based on their image.

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