10 Famous Fat Movie Characters

Want to know ten famous fat movie characters? Well, when you look at this list, you’ll notice much of it reflects American culture. Most of the characters are hilarious, which seems to be the common role of fat movie characters. There aren't too many serious fat movie characters. However, there are a few, but not many. Here's the list:

  1. Peter Griffin. He’s the fat star of “Family Guy,” and he’s also hilarious. His comedy changed humor in many ways. Suddenly, it's okay to take a joke too far, or beat a joke to death until it's funny again. Apparently, nobody thought to hammer out a joke repeatedly before Peter skinned his knee, and didn't stop moaning about it. Luckily, they made a couple movies from the “Family Guy” series, or he wouldn’t make the cut.
  2. Fat Bastard. He’s famous for all the wrong reasons. It’s debatable whether his character is actually funny, but he’s memorable. He’s mostly just disgusting in many parts of the “Austin Powers” series, but he does have one proud moment. He fictionally got busy with Heather Graham’s character, and he deserves some respect for that. Few men wouldn’t be jealous of him at that particular moment.
  3. Silent Bob. Silent Bob is a great character, and he changes up the typical fat guy role. Granted, he’s definitely funny in his own way, but when he talks, you listen. Most of the time when Silent Bob actually has a line, it’s serious and profound to a certain degree.
  4. Homer Simpson. He is possibly one of the most famous fat movie characters ever. Once again, this is another television character who managed to make it on the big screen. Usually, he plays a donut-loving moron with a good heart, and there’s just something likable about that kind of character.
  5. Chunk. Very little has to be explained about Chunk from “Goonies.” He may be one of the most accurate portrayals of fat kids. He’s kind of a wuss, and his friends are rather cruel to him. For example, they make him do the truffle shuffle. Chunk hates doing it, but his friends make him anyway. It's still hilarious.
  6. Uncle Buck. It would be a serious injustice to leave John Candy off the list. He’s the most famous fat actor ever, and Uncle Buck is one of his most famous fat movie characters. Uncle Buck tries hard to be good to those kids in that movie. Remember the massive pancakes he made that had to be flipped with a snow shovel? That's showing some love, and it's comedy genius.
  7. Tommy Calahan. Much like it’s wrong to leave John Candy off the list, you can’t leave Chris Farley out either. Tommy Calahan was the best of his fat movie characters. An interesting thing happened when they paired David Spade with Chris Farley in “Tommy Boy” as well: The fat guy was no longer the sidekick. Tommy Calahan is responsible for making fat as cool as it’s probably going to get.
  8. Hamilton Porter. You may also know him as “The Great Hambino” from “The Sandlot.” He’s easily one of the most memorable characters. After all, being the only fat character in a movie does have a memorable quality. Hamilton Porter was a great character. He was a cocky, little fat kid who dared call his own home run, and he actually hit that home run on the second pitch.
  9. Lewis Lastik. His name is easy to forget, but he’s the huge guy who played center in “Remember the Titans.” He played a critical role, too. He never cared about race like the rest of the Titans. Plus, he’s almost single-handedly responsible for bringing the team together.
  10. Minnesota Fats. Anybody who has "fat" in the name has to make the list. Lots of people probably don’t even know the referenced character, but they’ve heard the name. Minnesota Fats was the ridiculously good pool player in “The Hustler.” Actually, this role was pretty serious. It definitely wasn’t a comedy. Chalk one up for Jackie Gleason, who somehow played one of the only serious fat movie characters. If anybody was going to do it, it would be him.
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