10 Famous Female Entrepreneurs In America

Here is a list of the 10 famous female entrepreneurs in America, some of which make more money than their male counter parts and have helped to shape the world in industries such as; show business, media, fashion, food just to name a few.

  1. Oprah Winfrey. As a self made billionaire Oprah has broken the mould that entrepreneurship is only for men. One of the most admired entrepreneurs worldwide she is; a businesswomen, talk show host, owner of Harpo Industries, O Magazine Academy Award nominated actress and philanthropist. Having graced the airways with the "Oprah Winfrey Show" for over 25 years she is definitely the most famous female entrepreneur in America.
  2. Martha Stewart. They say bad press is good press and Martha Stewart is no stranger to that, after going to prison in 2002 for stock fraud she is definitely one of the most famous female entrepreneurs in America. A household name with her "Martha Stewart" brand on television, in magazine and in stores.
  3. Tyra Banks. Supermodel, talk show host and actress are four top ingredients to being famous, exactly what Tyra Banks is.  Having graced the world on the runways, music videos movies, talk show and her popular reality show "America’s Next Top Model," Banks is one of the most charismatic famous female entrepreneurs in America.
  4. Beyonce. Music is more than music it’s a part of life and Beyonce Knowles understands that. Using her singing platform to propel herself into the world of entrepreneurship she has a clothing line, perfume brands, endorsements and movies and can virtually sell anything because her face is attached to it, now that is famous.
  5. Madonna. Expanding her profile to encompass more than just music Madonna has developed a clothing line called “Material Girl” after one of her singles released in the 80’s. Putting fame and clothing line together you get a famous female entrepreneur.
  6. Jennifer Lopez. The third on the list of famous singers to turn their ability into a brand recognized worldwide. With a perfume and jewelry line Lopez has epitomized the meaning of famous female entrepreneur in America.
  7. Meg Whitman. The new millennium saw a tide of online entrepreneurs rising to take their rightful place in the ranks among those is Meg Whitman CEO and president of eBay. As one of the most famous female entrepreneurs in America she turned a small start up into a multi-billion dollar enterprise.
  8. Jenna Jameson. She may not necessarily be known for her entrepreneurial skills, but porn star to media mogul Jameson is one of the most famous female entrepreneurs in America. Taking her on screen talent and turning it into successful company, then becoming a best seller and branding genius generating several income streams a must in the entrepreneurial world.
  9. Kate Gosselin. After rising to fame with the birth of her sextuplets in 2004, publishing two books about the birth and life of the sextuplets, traveling across the country to appear at speaking engagements and with the hit reality show “Jon and Kate plus 8” she has become a famous entrepreneur in her own right.
  10. Angelina Jolie. Not only known for her acting skills Jolie is also known for her celebrity lifestyle with Brad Pitt and humanitarian work. What most don’t know is Jolie is also business woman/entrepreneur with an investment in the exclusive nightclub in London, “Penthouse” and her own perfume.
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