10 Famous Filipino Athletes

This article will shed more light on 10 famous Filipino athletes. There have been many famous Filipino athletes of both sexes that have excelled in a variety of sports for decades. Check out this list of  famous Filipino athletes.

  1. Manny Pacquiao Manny is a professional boxer born and raised in the Philippine Islands. He has won more world titles than any boxer in history. Manny is also a member of the Filipino House of Representatives.
  2. Christine Jacob Christine is a Filipina swimmer. She participated in the 1983 Southeast Asian games in Singapore and the 1884 Summer Olympics.
  3. Arnold Atienza Arnold is a Filipino Taekwondo champion. He won a gold medal at the 1994 Asian Taekwondo championships. Arnold now serves as head of sports development of an inner city development program.
  4. Bea Lucero Bea is a Filipina gymnast and Taekwondo champion. She has won medals in both sports. In 1992 she won a bronze medal in Taekwondo when it was still a demonstration sport.
  5. Chris Tiu Chris is a basketball player for Ateneo de Manila University's Blue Eagles. He is also sponsored by Nestle Milo of the Philippines.
  6. Christelle Pei Christelle is a Filipina bowler who has earned her nickname  Lady Strike." Christelle won the Philippine Bowling Congress Gold Medal in 2005.
  7. Eric Buhain Eric is a Filipino swimmer. He won a Gold Medal at the 1985 Southeast Asia Games when he was only fifteen years old. Eric represented the Philippines at the 1992 Summer Olympics. He has broken swimming records and won many swimming events. He is the current chairman of the Philippine sports commission.
  8. Nica Calapatan Nina the "Freshest Rhyme" Calapatan is a Filipina rhythmic gymnast. She won a gold medal in the event at the Southeast Asian Games as a twelve years old.
  9. Japoy Lizard Japoy is a Filipino Taekwondo champion nicknamed the "Flying Prince of Kicks." Japoy was the Taekwondo Gold Medal Champion at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games.
  10. Marielle Infantado Marielle is a Filipina swimmer nicknamed the "Teen Mermaid." She holds the 50m freestyle record for the WNCAA, which she set in 2005.
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