10 Famous French Love Songs

It's been said that French is the language of love, which makes finding 10 famous French love songs all the easier. After all, if it's the language of love, wouldn't every song be a love song? Well, not exactly. Nevertheless, at the risk of shooting fish in a barrel, here are ten famous French love songs.

  1. "Femme au Chocolat" – Olivia Riuz — Any song with both girls and chocolate in its title has to be good. These two items go hand-in-hand. It's a pretty little song.
  2. "Tous Les Garcons" – Francoise Hardy — This sweetly sung song is for the guys, not waiters, you silly American. It's a famous and fantastic French song.
  3. "Non, Je ne Regrette Rien" – Edith Piaff — That tragic little woman, Edith Piaff, sure could sing. This song–and almost everything she sang–was and is a famous French song. Piaff may well be France's most famous singer.
  4. "Mimi" – Maurice Chevalier — Sung in English, yet with a strong French accent, this is a fun love song. Chevalier, of course, was the romantic singer of this romance-fueled culture. Girls named Mimi must particularly love it.
  5. "Mini, Mini, Mini" – Jacques Dutronc — This song stands out from the rest in that it's a kind of garage rock song. Do the French even have garages big enough to start bands in? If so, this song sounds like it came directly from a dirty old garage.
  6. "Une Homme et Une Femme" – Francis Lai — This has the sort of repetitive melody that sticks in your head. It also has a groovy, space age bachelor pad coolness to it.
  7. "Bilitis" – Francis Lai — This song is a gentle instrumental that is romantic even without words. It has one of those melodies that just somehow sounds French, too.
  8. "Un Jour en France" – Noir Desir — Yes, Virginia, there are punk rockers in France, too. Just listen to the anger expressed by Noir Desir in "Un Jour en France."
  9. "En Soulevant le Couvercle" – TTC""En Soulevant le Couvercle" is filled with strange computer bleeps and dramatic vocals. This is a strange song out of France. 
  10. "Tes parents" – Vincent Delerm — This is a dramatic piano ballad. Vincent Delerm gives it such an expressive vocal treatment. Tres cool!
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