10 Famous Hispanic Athletes

Choosing ten famous Hispanic athletes from, say, the boxing world, would be easy. But there are famous Hispanic athletes in almost every sports realm — even hockey. The same could probably be said about baseball, as well, since there are so many Hispanic stars there. But it's important to realize that Hispanic players can be found in every major sport. This list may surprise you.

  1. Alex Rodriguez, baseball player. Ah yes, A-Rod. The steroid user to some, the choker to others. But he's a great one, whether you like him or not.
  2. Oscar De La Hoya, boxer. He is, and will always be, the Golden Boy.
  3. Alberto Salazar, marathoner. Sadly, Hispanics are rarely famous for their track and field stars. Salazar is one exception to this rule, however.
  4. Chi Chi Rodriguez, golfer. A great golfer and a fun guy.
  5. Anthony Munoz, football player. Not just a football player, but an NFL Hall Of Fame offensive tackle.
  6. Nancy Lopez, golfer. Yep, there's also a great female Hispanic golfer, too.
  7. Pancho Gonzales, tennis player. Pancho is a name more associated with an outlaw brandishing a gun, not a tennis racket.
  8. Manu Ginóbili, basketball player. Manu has has a huge impact on the NBA!
  9. Scott Gomez, hockey player. Gomez plays for the Montreal Canadians, and is a great player.
  10. Roberto Clemente, baseball player. Sure, this is the second baseball player. But the list would not be complete without this wonderful Pirates player from the '70s.
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