10 Famous Male Actors From The ’80s

Although the '80s brought us some great actors there are the 10 famous male actors from the '80s that really stand out. These male actors produced hit after hit even throughout the next decade. From comic book villains to

  1. Jack Nicholson. He started the decade as a father who went insane and turned into the Joker in Batman. Each role he has played he has brought to life and gave it a personality. Jack Nicholason has remained a great actor even 30-years later.  
  2. Robert De Niro. Although he is on the famous male actors from the '80s list he is much more famous than that. Starting with The Godfather in the '70s De Niro has portrayed each role with individuality.
  3. Michael Douglas. Kathleen Turner, Charlie Sheen, and Glenn Close are just a few of the costars Michael Douglas shared the spotlight with in the '80s. From the overzealous stockbroker to the victim of a one night stand gone bad, Michael Douglas has played each role as if it were his only role.
  4. Arnold Schwartzenegger. “I’ll be back.” What more needs to be said. His role as the terminator could be shadowed by nothing.
  5. Kurt Russell. As a framed cop in Tango & Cash, Kurt Russell pulled us into his world and made us want to help him find out who was behind it all. As the single father in Overboard we wanted the girl to fall in love with him even if she did have amnesia. Throughout every role Russell had us on his side wanting him to come out on top.
  6. Harrison Ford. As Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” to Hans Solo in “Star Wars” Harrison Ford has brought to life roles that were out of this world. He kept his career hopping with ten movies under his belt in a decade.
  7. Michael J. Fox. Keeping us entertained on the big screen and on television, Michael J. Fox was able to do so with ease. Even with his long running '80s TV show, he was able to go “Back to the Future” twice while he starred in other shows and movies.
  8. Eddie Murphey. He kept us laughing from the start of his movie career as a convict in “48 Hrs”. Then continued entertaining us playing everything from a cop to a prince throughout the '80s.
  9. John Travolta. After his career took off in the '70s with hot movies and TV shows, his talents persisted into the '80s and beyond. Every actor should be as lucky to have a career half as valuable as John Travolta’s.
  10. Patrick Duffy. He rode a lightning bolt into the '80s from his hit television show “Dallas”. He was a house hold name and had every housewife wanting more. His long lasting role on Dallas carried him straight through to the '90s when he landing another lengthy television spot on “Step by Step”.
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