10 Famous Overweight Men

Looking for 10 famous overweight men? Some of these famous overweight men have passed away due to their weight problems, while others have made changes to their lives and are living much healthier today. Some men manage to beat the odds and survive despite their obesity. Let's see if you recognize these famous overweight men.

  1. William Howard Taft. The 27th President of the United States, William Howard Taft is not only one of the most famous overweight men, but also could be the most famous overweight world leader of all time.
  2. Alfred Hitchcock. Sir Alfred Hitchcock was one of the most famous overweight men of all time. A talented filmmaker and producer, he was famous for his psychological thrillers and suspense films.
  3. Luciano Pavarotti. One of the most beloved overweight musicians has to be Italian operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti. One of the most popular tenors of all time, he even made an unbelievable crossover to popular music in 2003.
  4. Marlon Brando. Struggling with his fluctuating weight throughout the years, Marlon Brando went from sex symbol to making this list of famous overweight men when he lost his battle with obesity during the 1980s.
  5. John Goodman. Prominent actor John Goodman just barely made it onto this list. The problem wasn't that he isn't famous. Instead, he barely made the list due to his recent dramatic weight loss!
  6. Elvis Presley. In his younger years, Elvis Presley was a sex symbol that was loved by millions. In his later years, however, he began packing on enough pounds to make him one of the most famous overweight men of all time.
  7. Orson Welles. An American actor, filmmaker, director, producer and screenwriter, Orson Welles was known for his distinctive style, his talent, his voice and his tremendous girth. He passed away in 1985, following a heart attack in his Hollywood home.
  8. Meat Loaf. Known for his popular rock ballads, Meat Loaf may be one of the most famous overweight men to have ever been poured into a pair of leather pants. Fans didn't seem to mind, though. His "Rocky Horror Picture Show" persona, Eddie, still sets the girls to squealing.
  9. John Candy. This Canadian actor and comedian was loved throughout the world and has certainly earned his place on this list. Considered a comedic genius by most, he was plagued by obesity all of his life and was actually trying to improve his lifestyle when he passed away in 1994. He was 43.
  10. Rush Limbaugh. While he may not make a list of the most popular men, Rush Limbaugh has managed to secure a spot on our list of famous overweight men. A good portion of his weight problem may be due to his big mouth, though.
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