10 Famous Quotes By Actresses

We racked our brains—and polished our research skills—to bring you these 10 famous quotes by actresses. Classic quotes and snappy one-liners. Romantic quips and funny phrases. The memorable lines uttered by our favorite actresses have become part of our cultural vocabulary.

  1. "Well, it’s not the men in your life that counts, it’s the life in your men." This famous quote comes from Mae West in "I’m No Angel" (1933). Starring a young Cary Grant, this film was one of the few Mae West films not subject to heavy censorship.
  2. "Would you be shocked if I put on something more comfortable?" This is a Jean Harlow quote from "Hell’s Angels" (1930). Directed by Howard Hughes, this American war film starred Harlow as the wayward seductress Helen.
  3. "You had me at hello." Renee Zellweger made this line memorable as single mother Dorothy Boyd, the love interest of the Tom Cruise title character in "Jerry Maguire" (1996).
  4. "You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together…and blow." This is part of Lauren Bacall’s conversation with Humphrey Bogart in the thriller/romance/war/adventure film, "To Have and Have Not" (1944). The film initiated the onscreen chemistry and off-screen romance between Bogey and Bacall.
  5. "I’ll have what she’s having." Estelle Reiner makes this remark at the end of the famous deli scene in "When Harry Met Sally" (1989). The title characters argue about a man’s ability to recognize when a woman is faking an orgasm. To make her point, Sally (Meg Ryan) fakes one, fully clothed, as the diners watch.
  6. "After all, tomorrow is another day." This is Vivien Leigh’s classic line from a classic film, "Gone with the Wind" (1939). At the film's end, Scarlett O’Hara (Leigh) realizes her love for her husband, Rhett Butler (Clark Gable), but the knowledge comes too late. Gable gave us another famous line when he said, "Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn."
  7. "Fasten your seatbelts—it’s going to be a bumpy night." This famous quote by an actress comes from Bette Davis in "All About Eve" (1950). The film stars Davis as a highly acclaimed but aging Broadway star and it provided Marilyn Monroe with one of her first significant roles.
  8. "I have a head for business and a bod for sin." Melanie Griffith makes this remark as Tess McGill in "Working Girl" (1988), a romantic comedy also starring Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford. In 1990, the film was made into a short-lived TV series starring Sandra Bullock. 
  9. "You get what you settle for." This is a Susan Sarandon quote from "Thelma & Louise" (1991), the American road movie starring two female leads (Sarandon and Geena Davis). The story revolves around the women’s escape from their troubled, caged lives.
  10. "You’re not too smart, are you? I like that in a man." The American neo-noir film "Body Heat" (1981) gave us this Kathleen Turner quote. Turner stars as Matty, a wealthy businessman's wife, who is having an affair with a sleazy lawyer (William Hurt). The film launched Turner’s career.
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