10 Famous Quotes Of MMA Fighters

What better way to introduce a novice to the world of mixed martial arts—minus the blood—than with 10 famous quotes of MMA fighters. These quotes are by some MMA fighters at the top of their game and give some insight into each fighter’s personality. 

  1. “My weight is not enough and strength is not enough either, so I have to take the fight by mastery.” Fedor Emelianenko This Russian-born MMA heavyweight division champion honestly assesses his fighting ability and therein shows his strength by acknowledging he has weaknesses.
  2. “Years ago we hardly had anything to eat. Now I earn more money and I see every opponent as a man that tries to put me back to that poorer period. That man has to be eliminated.” Fedor Emelianenko Emelianenko, like others raised in poverty, use the memory of hard times as a motivator for success. He fights his past more than he fights in the ring.
  3. “Don’t fear me, fear the consequences.” Paul Buentello An American fighter in the MMA heavyweight division, Buentello plays a head game with his opponents by using his foe's imagination to conjure worst case scenario results that could happen after stepping into the ring as his opponent.
  4. “Blood is just red sweat.” Enson Inoue A Japanese-American MMA fighter, Inoue places blood and sweat on equal par in a transparent attempt to minimize the injurious and physical toll his sport has on the body.
  5. "I don't mean to make excuses for all my losses, but I can make excuses for all my losses." Quinton “Rampage” Jackson In a weak exercise of lame double-talk, MMA fighter "Rampage" Jackson only succeeds in looking weak by not taking responsibility for his losses in the ring.
  6. “It’s actually the samurai spirit, which is ‘no fear and never give up.'” Enson Inoue Inoue has given good advice—whether inside or outside the ringfear and surrender are not viable life options. 
  7. "I'll be back in about three minutes." Robbie Lawler That is what he did when he defeat his opponent in less than 90 seconds. Lawler, a top-ranked MMA fighter, makes a statement that could be interpreted by some as being cocky, but it was a statement he was able to back up with action. Braggart? Possibly, but a braggart with a work ethic.
  8. “When I started, for a while I was just going on instincts. But they took headbutts away so I had to learn some skills." Mark Coleman A MMA fighter and former Olympic wrestler, Coleman knows he has to keep his skills honed to stay at the top of his game and learn new skills that become a part of his sport.
  9. “Let's say I was driving a yellow bus… a school bus and I took Yoshida to school” Royce Gracie (after the Yoshida MMA fight) A Brazilian-born MMA hall of famer, Gracie has been the pupil at times and has now earned the right to be the teacher. He has also earned the right to call it as he sees it.
  10. “This game is 90 percent mental.” Tim Sylvia Sylvia is a ten-year veteran of the ring as a mixed martial artist and UFC heavyweight fighter. Sylvia’s assessment of what it takes to be a successful athlete in his sport has validity. 
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