10 Famous Sex Tapes

Famous Sex Tapes Pamela Tommy

The ten famous sex tapes here are not particularly popular in households across America. Some of these scandalous videos made careers while others brought demise. In all the cases, they gave the public a new view of their private lives. And if you can't get enough, check out these teachers sex tapes as well!

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. Possibly the most famous sex tape, this one was shot during the honeymoon of rocker Tommy Lee and actress Pamela Anderson after their quickie wedding. The couple claim the tape was stolen from their Malibu home.

Vern Troyer. The little actor made a big splash with his famous sex tape. Best known for playing "Mini Me" in the Austin Powers movies, the tape shows the little person getting hot and steamy.

Famous Sex Tapes Tonya Harding

Tanya Harding. The famous sex tape of former Olympic ice skater Tanya Harding was shot on her wedding night. The tape is said to have been leaked by a jealous ex.

Bob Crane. The funny man from "Hogan's Hero's" made his own famous sex tape. At the time, the technology allowing the home movie revolution was very new. The unsolved murder of Crane a couple of years after the making of the tape adds to its fame.

Joanie Lauler and Shawn Waltman. Former professional wrestlers, the couple shocked the world when their famous sex tape revealed what happens when women take performance enhancing drugs. The formerly married couple deny selling the tape for pay.

50 Cent. A Florida woman tried to get a huge payday from this famous sex tape claiming she never granted permission for its release. The oddest part of the movie is 50 Cent dressed as a woman narrating the flick.

Famous Sex Tapes Eric Dane Rebecca Gayheart

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayhart. The "Grey's Anatomy" star, Eric Dane made a splash with his famous sex tape featuring his wife and a former beauty queen. The tape does not actually show sex, but the three naked in a bathtub and in the bedroom.

Gene Simmons. This famous sex tape ruined a 20-year reputation for rocker Gene Simmons. The legendary ladies man is shown having less than impressive sex with a groupie.

Kim Kardashian. The step-daughter of former Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner took her famous sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J to a whole new level. She launched her career as a reality star after her attempt at home porn.

Paris Hilton. It's hard to pick which famous sex tape from Paris to place here. She has done more than three with various men including Rick Solomon, Shannon Daughtry's former husband.

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