10 Famous Walt Disney Quotes

Here are 10 famous Walt Disney quotes. Although he only lived until age 65, Walt Disney has far more than these ten quotable lines for anyone looking for some wisdom from a successful entrepreneur. Walt Disney quotes cover a variety of subjects, from his films, to education, to creativity, and even to the funny things people do in business to turn problems into successes.

  1. “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”  Walt Disney on the importance of reading.
  2. “I don’t believe there is a challenge anywhere in the world that is more important to people everywhere than finding the solution to the problems of our cities.” Walt Disney on urban planning.
  3. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney on productivity.
  4. “I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.” Walt Disney on integrating fun and education.
  5. “Everyone needs deadlines.  Even the beavers. They loaf around all summer, but when they are faced with the winter deadline, they work like fury. If we didn’t have deadlines, we’d stagnate.” Walt Disney on working under pressure.
  6. “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” Walt Disney on education.
  7. “I happen to be a kind of inquisitive guy and when I see things I don’t like, I start thinking why do they have to be like this and how can I improve them?” Walt Disney on invention.
  8. “I don’t make films for children. I make films that children aren’t embarrassed to take their parents to.” Walt Disney on entertainment.
  9. “I remember when we opened…we didn’t have enough money to finish the landscaping and I had Bill Evans go out and put the Latin tags on all of the weeds….” Walt Disney on the opening of Disneyland.
  10. "Of all the things I have done, the most vital is coordinating the talents of those who work for us and pointing them towards a certain goal.”  Walt Disney on management.
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