10 Famous Young Entrepreneurs

Thinking about 10 famous young entrepreneurs ought to make you jealous. It's like watching a child prodigy. You might say, 'Why can't I do that?' Well, you haven't, but these folks have. Yet these young men have started early and proven that drive and ambition are sometimes more significant than years of experience. In many cases, these young guys have tapped into where technology is going, in order to be leaders in our brave new world. It's never too soon to get busy in the business world.

  1. Sergey Brin. Brin is a co founder of Google. His work has helped you find stuff you need — even non-porn stuff. Google is, perhaps, the most powerful search engine on the Internet. If you don't believe Brin co-founded Google, simply Google his name.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg is the reason why businessmen and housewives get more Facebook stuff done than work. After you reconnect with your high school buddies and collage friends, what's the point of Facebook? We're addicted to it, and we're not sure why. Blame Zuckerberg.
  3. Evan Williams. Evan Williams co-founded the second biggest productivity-killing Website, Twitter. He's one of the 10 most famous young Entrepreneurs because he could see ways of using the Internet for social networking that may have been explored before, but he just did it better. This also helped ready social networking for those on the go.
  4. Jason Kilar. Hulu, where Jason Kilar is the CEO, is probably too good to last. Watching TV shows on the Internet, and for free, is wonderful. But a subscription fee for the service is right around the corner. And no, it's not just available in Hawaii; that's hula, chump.
  5. Marc Andreessen. Okay, founding Netscape may not be as big of a deal now in the Google age. But once upon a time, Netscape was the big dog on the search engine block. Search engines are so important because they help you find what you're actually looking for on the internet, instead of weeding through everything out there.
  6. Lorenzo Simonelli. It's difficult to think about this GE CEO, without also laughing about how GE is so lampooned on "30 Rock". However, GE is one of the biggies, when it comes to corporations. And that's why we should respect Simonelli. GE handles everything from appliances to television, which is a wide range and a whole lot of responsibility.
  7. Cesar Conde. The United States is going through a serious Latin-ization. This makes Conde's role, as president of Univision Networks, such a growth position.  You may not watch its programming, but millions of others are. It's also a good way of learning Spanish while watching girls with big, uh, Latin lumps.
  8. Raul Vazquez. Yes, boys and girls, Wal-Mart shoppers also shop on the Internet. Therefore, Vazquez has a huge part to play in Walmart.com's success, as its CEO. Sure, you may not see a human greeter when you enter the site. But will you honestly miss him/her?
  9. Kevin Plank. Plank is the founder and CEO of Under Armour. Clothing ware is big. Especially sports clothes. Besides, naked sports hasn't exactly taken off quite yet.
  10. Jonathan Gray. Gray is the Senior Managing Director of  The Blackstone Group, one of the world’s leading Alternative Asset Management firms, as well    as a widely respected independent Financial Advisory firm. This is a lot of financial stuff, which might be good to know in this scary economic day and age.
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