10 Fashion Tips For Bald Men

This article talks about the 10 Fashion tips for Bald men. Bald men often feel self conscious and unattractive since hair is such an important part of fashion and appeal. But Baldness is not a disease and with the following fashion tips, Bald men can feel confident and attractive.

  1. Keeping it trimmed – Buzz cut:  Depending on the nature of balding, hair growth is natural and full in some sections and nil in others, so, the best way to not bring attention to baldness is trimming the longer hair to a short length and keeping it to a minimum.
  2. Baseball Caps : Irrespective of the nature of face and type of baldness, baseball caps are always a sure shot hit. They range from street side fashion to high end designer baseball caps. Its also a great way to sport a cause or an institution.
  3. Shaving it all the way: Certain men look extremely appealing with a fully shaven head, Bruce Willis and Andre Aggassi are a few well known examples. Make sure you have a full face and a decently big head to be able to pull this off. Some men offset the bald head by growing a goatee or beard.
  4. The Bandana look: A sure shot fashion tip for bald men are bandanas, it is a great way to deal with baldness in style, especially during summers. Colorful bandanas are extremely fashionable.
  5. Cowboy hats: This fashion tip for bald men depends very much on a individual personalities. They are very much a part of Southern culture and are back in vogue. Expensive brand names like Stetson and Resistol will always be popular.
  6. Make 'em colorful: Coloring a partially bald head with steel/beach blond hair color makes it look fuller and gives your face a new definition. Other shades of blond work for bald heads too.
  7. French connection: Berets are usually associated with the artsy crowd; it definitely is the best way to look dignified while balding and yet look stylish. It is only one of the many types of interesting head gear that goes with more than one type of bald male look. So go wild if your personality is such.
  8. Go cultural: Turbans, although very limited to eastern cultures, can say a lot about someone's stature and personality. So, for those special cultural occasions, don't shy away from one. They are extremely colorful and makes shorter men look taller. On the same lines, Kippah caps for jews and Taqiyah caps for muslims are both traditional and style statements too.
  9. Get Wiggy with it: For those of you Bald men, who need to feel a rug of hair on your scalp go for wigs, not the cheap tacky ones, but custom made and fitted. They can be extremely self confidence boosting and satisfying.
  10. Embrace it gracefully: For those of you confident types, it really is the best fashion accessory out there – Confidence. Just let it grow and see what it feels like. Many balding men embrace it without losing their sleep over it. Keep it civil; keep it clean and let your personality and self assuredness do the rest.
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