10 Fashion Tips for Black Men

When considering these 10 fashion tips for black men, be thankful that most of the work is already done for you. Your melanin makes you unique in itself, but depending on the hue of your skin there are some fashion styles and colors that work better than others. Here are 10 useful fashion tips for black men:

  1. Hair styles should be neat and groomed. Whether you like to sport it short or long, it should be groomed and neat at all times. Reserve the bald head for black men who have the right shape of head. You already know if that is you or not. If it is you, then march tall. But if you don't have the right head for it, leave it alone. Instead, consider growing your hair out and wearing it natural. Maybe some short twists or a nice, short, shaped hair cut. Whichever style you choose, consider getting it professionally done to ensure your look is tight. Build your fashion around your natural looks!
  2. Avoid flip flops. If your are a fan of sandals, avoid flip flops at all costs, unless of course you are trying to present a feminine side. Flip flops are shower shoes and not fashion statements, and should remain in the shower. Instead, steer towards the sandals that only expose the feet through small vents in the sides and in the top of the shoe. This type of sandal allows you to keep your masculine presence and cool your feet at the same time. They also go well with jeans, and long Khaki shorts.
  3. The right underwear for the right man. Boxers are a must if you want to show masculinity. Briefs are for little boys and bikini underwear is for boys who like boys. A women looking for a heterosexual man isn't going to give you a second look if you have on briefs or bikini underwear. Another plus for boxers is they fall nicely around the hip area and can highlight a black man's six pack like no other.
  4. Sort out the colors that work with your skin tone. Black men with darker skin tones should stay clear of the darker colors and focus on colors that are soft and not too bright. For example, stay away from blacks and browns and make friends with beige and creams. Some black men can pull off pink, especially if they have darker skin, but it needs to be a soft pink and not neon. Light-skinned black men can work with the blacks and darker colors to create contrast and should stay away from the pale pinks, greens and light blue colors. The colors you use dictate your level of fashion.
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