10 Fashion Tips For College Men

Here are 10 fashion tips for college men that will keep you college kids fresh from head to toe. Starting with the most prominent mistake:

  1. Sweatpants I get it. You’re tired. You don’t want to be in class. So you dress the part. But those grey stretchy sweats you rock everyday make you look like your high school gym teacher. Or your drunk uncle. If you insist on sweatpants, shell out some extra dough for nicer brand that has a baggy jean look to them. Have a pair of LRG sweatpants that keep you looking fly when you're hung-over in Organic Chem.
  2. Shoes Look at your kicks right now. Do they have a fat skate tongue? Are they dirty as hell? Are they some whack-ass running shoes that don’t match with anything? Get rid of em. If you don’t skate, don’t rock those fifth grade Etnies you still fit in. They immediately make you look like you got no idea what’s going on. Keep your shit a little clean. I’m not asking for out of box quality- just keep em’ a little clean. If you have a pair of yellow shoes- make sure you got some clothes that match with a pair of yellow shoes. It’s common sense. I like to stick to standard colors that go with everything- black, grey, white, etc.
  3. Pants It’s important to have a good pant selection. You should have loose pants, tight pants, dark pants, and light pants. A lot of guys tend to neglect a solid pant collection, but it is vital to a solid style. Chances are most major stores are going to have whack-ass bell bottom shit- so go to some boutiques or other hip places in your town to try some different styles on. Warning: Be wary of buying pants offline. It is vital to try on jeans before purchasing.
  4. Fitting Body type. It’s all about body type here. Don’t be scared of going a size or two bigger- a little bag isn’t a bad thing at all. Do not go a size or two lower. I repeat, do not go a size or two lower. If you’re in college reading this- that means your almost a man. Quit rockin shit that makes you look like a baby. Chicks won’t care about your wicked pecs- you’ll just look like a fool.
  5. Hair Hard gel is out. Front flips, faux-hawks, and blowouts are garbage.  Look into some wax or other product that gives you a messy/I-don’t-give-a-shit look. Also, think about growing your hair out. Mine’s long as shit and the ladies love it. You’ll be the only guy at the bar with it and the chicks will flock. Which leads me into…
  6. Bar Attire Check ahead of time what kind of bar you’re hitting up. Google the places name and check out their website, they will usually have some parameters listed on there. You don’t want to be embarrassed with your crew when you get kicked out for wearing your New Era and a pair of Nikes.
  7. Cologne This one is tough to explain, but here goes. If you used in middle school, don’t wear now. The trick is to find a scent that’s not too young and not too old smelling. Goldie Locks it and find one that’s just right.
  8. Formal Wear Vertically striped shirts are obvious (and douchey). Worn in cotton button downs are always a good look. Get a pair of slacks that compliment your shirt, and a belt to pull it all together.
  9. Suits Get something that fits your body type. If it’s too small, they’re not gonna take you seriously. If it’s too big, you’re gonna look like your playing dress up. At this point in your life, don’t go for brand name it’s just a waste of money.
  10. Facial Hair No mustaches. Ironic or not. No mustaches.

That's it. Ten tips to look fly as a motha.

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