10 Fashion Tips For Fat Bald Men

Here are ten fashion tips for fat bald men. So what if you don't have chiseled abdominal muscles and a full head of hair? Fat bald guys can look just as stylish as anyone else. It's all about what you choose to wear, and how you choose to wear it. Fat, bald men do have to be careful with certain fashion choices, but most of them are common sense decisions. Check out these ten tips for fat, bald men.

  1. Your head. Thanks to guy like Charles Barkley, being a fat bald guy is cool in 2010. If you're balding, then keep your head shaved It's as simple as that. If you don't want to keep your head totally buff, then make sure you keep it neat. Scraggly hairs aren't attractive.
  2. Even tone. Once you decide to cut off all of you hair, make sure you spend some time in the sun. You head isn't going to be the same tone as the rest of your face because it's been covered by hair for so long. So, give it a little tan.
  3. Hats. Fat, bald guys look good in hats. Just make sure you choose a hat that fits your face. Longer  more symmetrical faces do well with any sort of hat style. Round faces look better with those gangster style "Al Capone" looking hats. Try different hats until you find a few styles you like.
  4. Shirts. We've handled the bald part of being fat and bald, now lets handle the fat part. If you're a bigger guy, then make sure you choose shirts that fit you. Yes, the trend in 2010 may be to wear form fitting shirts, but they're not going to look good on you. So, get shirts that fit. They shouldn't hug you too tightly.
  5. Pants. The same thing goes with choosing a pair of pants. You can't wear those skinny jeans and all that crap for the light weights. Get pants that you can fit comfortably in. It's much better for the clothes to fit nicely then to try to squeeze into something.
  6. Clothing colors. They say that darker colors make you look slimmer. If that's what you're going for, then by all means get darker colored clothing. If you're not trying to magically disappear, then follow the universal rules of dress. The shirt and pants should compliment each other. It's as simple as that.
  7. Accessories. Regardless if you're a light weight or a big boy, the rules for rocking jewelry and accessories is universal. Less is always better. The accessories should compliment the clothes. Leave that gaudy crap at home.
  8. The shoes. If your feet are wider, then don't try to squeeze into smaller shoes. You see, just because you're heavier up top doesn't necessarily mean your feet follow suite. Regardless, choose what's comfortable. You look better when you're comfy.  Squared toed dress shoes always look good. Sneakers are all about personal preference.
  9. Jackets. Once again, it's better to be comfortable. There are stores that make jackets for bigger dudes. Hell, you may have to get one specially made, but who cares. just make sure you feel good wearing it.
  10. Confidence. Most guys already know this one, fat or otherwise. This is the best accessory you can have. Be happy with who you are. Rock that bald head proudly. Show those few extra pounds off stylishly. The best style you can have is being comfortable with yourself by far.
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