10 Fashion Tips For Fat Men

Here are 10 fashion tips for fat men. Handsome comes in all shapes and sizes and here are some tips to flatter a larger body size and bring out your best features.

  1. Choose clothes that fit your body comfortably, not too snugly. Sometimes people may be tempted to buy smaller sizes in hopes that it will pull in some extra weight or make them appear smaller. The opposite is true. Tight clothing makes you look bigger. Instead, opt for the right fit or something a little loose.
  2. Coordinate colors. This is good advice for people of all body shapes. Although women are stereotyped as coordinating all aspects of their wear, the same is important for a man when creating an overall good look for himself.
  3. When opting for casual wear, choose v-neck sweaters. A V-neck presents the illusion of a smaller neckline and is all around flattering.
  4. Avoid bright colors and bold patterns. These aren't complimentary for those who have a few extra pounds of fat.
  5. Go for lightweight fabrics when possible. Thick blazers and shirts aren't as flattering as those made with sleek, thin materials.
  6. Dress to suit the occasion. Some fat men avoid wearing summer wear and that simply draws attention to themselves. Instead, bring out short sleeves in the summer and don't be afraid of shorts. Solid colors are most flattering.
  7. Try for a three button blazer. Although not as common or popular, it's especially flattering for the larger man.
  8. Choose vertical striped shirts for a more flattering look. Horizontal stripes should be avoided.
  9. Wear longer hems when possible. This will elongate your body, giving you a more flattering look.
  10. Look in magazines and catalogs of clothing for fat men. With the Internet, there's a never ending look at photo options. From the pictures of what you see, write down descriptions of the clothing that you think are most flattering to plus sizes. Your opinion is what matters the most, as you want to feel comfortable and confident with your clothing choices.
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