10 Fashion Tips for Men With Broad Shoulders

Follow these 10 fashion tips for men with broad shoulders so you can dress to impress.  Broad shoulders are not the problem. In fact, in the gym or on the beach they are probably a source of pride for you. Remember Mark Twain's wise words, "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."

  1. Start at the bottom. Choose jeans or slacks with a flat front. They need to be straight cut or have a slight boot cut in order to balance out your massive top half. Skinny jeans will make you look unstable. And for the love of God, buy pants that fit. Baggy, over sized jeans are not flattering.
  2. Befriend a tailor. Really, I mean it, send flowers, candy, woo him. The tailor is now your best friend. Tops that fit in the shoulders will often have the unfortunate effect of adding too much bulk to your midsection. A tailor can remove excess fabric and allow all your hard work at the gym to show.  Tailoring is not just for suit coats. Dress shirts become elegant when tailored correctly.  
  3. Purchase casual, long sleeved thermal Henley tops. These soft little numbers look cozy stretched across broad shoulders, accenting them in a manly way.  A slightly tapered T-shirt, casual tossed over top created a different look and hides unfortunate food stains if need be.
  4. Walk away from collarless dress shirts. You sir, with the broad shoulders, need a collar, and you need to be able to leave the top couple buttons open. Mandarin collars flatter no one, except possibly an elderly Asian fellow.
  5. Look for a celebrity style buddy. Are you built like a basketball player, like Lebron James, or Michael Jordan? Or, is your look more like the Rock?  Watch what they wear. Look at the clothing shapes that look good on them. Steal fashion tips from their stylists.
  6. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, sweetie. Do not wear lots of gold chains or other bling. This often does not have the effect on women that you think it does. There is something very appealing about a man who dresses simply, in well cut clothing. Not hiding under big, baggy clothes and certainly not flashing around like a giant neon sign, "notice me, notice me." Don't worry, broad shoulders are hard to hide.
  7. Choose a suit that fits in the shoulders. This does not mean you can go play a game of b-ball in your suit coat. A suit jacket should feel a little restrictive. Two buttons is all you need, maybe three. Remember the last button, closest to your slacks should not be buttoned, and all the buttons should be undone when seated.  
  8. European cut jackets are less boxy than American cut suit coats. Ask for the waist to be tailored to remove any excess bulk. Longer jackets create a nice line, short coats tend to look silly on men with broad shoulders.
  9. Steer towards darker colors if you want to minimize the look of your broad shoulders.  If you want to emphasize them, choose lighter colors. But either way refrain from loud Hawaiian prints unless you are, in fact, in Hawaii. 
  10. Walk with confidence. Regardless of what you are wearing, a confident stance, is the best fashion tip. So, head up, stomach in, broad shoulders back, carry on. 
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