10 Fashion Tips for Men With Dark Skin

When examining fashion tips for men with dark skin, it turns out that being swarthy is good news. There are no colors that clash with your skin; however there are certain things that a dark-skinned man can do to increase his fashion presence.

  1. Never wear pure white – As a general rule, you should never where pure white. This is especially true with dark-skinned men. The whiteness stands out very starkly against the dark background, which can be disconcerting. Consider a cream, alabaster or light pink shirt.
  2. Wear black socks – We cannot stress this enough, you must wear black socks if you have dark skin. Light colors stand out too much and brown socks clash with the skin. Even if you are wearing sneakers, you would be well served to invest in black socks.
  3. Wear bright colors – Where those with a pale complexion get washed out by bright colors, your dark skin makes a very good background. Next time you are at the store, find clothes that really pop, as they will stand out even more when you are wearing them.
  4. Khakis – If you wear a brown, make sure that it is a lighter color than your skin. The lighter color will contrast with your body, and will balance out your look. If you wear dark pants, this will give you a sullen appearance. If khakis aren't your thing, then buy pastel pants in a warm color.
  5. Warm Colors – Orange, red and yellow all look really good on dark skin. The darker you are, the brighter the shirt you can wear. Pink also works very well.
  6. Primary Colors – Although you should focus on the warm end of the spectrum, any primary color will work well for men with dark skin. Stay away from dark blues and greens. You want the colors to bounce off of your skin.
  7. Watch – Every man should have a watch, but in this case you want a silver, light gold or platinum banded watch. A leather band will not stand out as well as a light metal watch. In addition, pick a very bright color for your watch face. In this case, it is okay to have a white face, just make sure there are some other colors with it.
  8. Colors to Avoid – Dark brown, black, turquoise, magenta and spring green. These dark and cool colors will clash with your skin. If you must wear a suit, try to wear a lighter color. If you must wear a black suit, offset the darkness by wearing a very bright shirt and a pocket square.
  9. Sunglasses – Wear reflective or colored sunglasses. Black sunglasses blend in with your face and will not stand out. Reflective sunglasses will highlight your facial features and will complement your dark skin.
  10. Hat – Brightness is the key here. Make sure that your hat does not clash with the rest of your outfit. Never wear a dark brown or a black hat. A red cap is perfect and will be the perfect complement to your dark skin tone.
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