10 Fashion Tips For Short Men

Any guy under the average height of 5'9" to 5'10" should heed these ten fashion tips for short men. Not following certain guidelines can make the most stylish outfit look ridiculous and geriatric, while emphasizing your shortness. You want to flatter your frame, bring out your best features, and give the illusion of height, while showing off your fabulous sense of style.

  1. A great shirt pulls the eye up toward the face. The neck measurement must be perfect, so rather than trust your skills with a tape measure, have a professional tell you your neck size. One of the most important of the 10 fashion tips for short men is to wear fitted shirts to prevent the appearance of being too small to fill out your clothes.
  2. Wear the right length shirt. If you plan to tuck it in, it should hang to your crotch. If you’re going un-tucked that day, go for a shorter style.
  3. Wear V-neck T-shirts rather than crew neck. This tip will appear to add inches to your height.
  4. Avoid bulky sweaters. Cardigan and pullover style sweaters should be in a thinner knit so you won’t be overwhelmed by too much yarn.
  5. Don’t allow your pants to touch the ground. If your pants are too long, you’ll call attention to your short stature. The pants should make a slight fold, or break over the top of your shoes when standing erect.
  6. Wear your pants slightly lower on the hip rather than pull them up too high. This fashion tip will give the illusion of a longer torso.
  7. Avoid oversized clothes; Wear overcoats, blazers and jackets that fit. Make it your mantra to always wear clothes that fit. Anything that’s too big looks like you still have some growing to do. If you can’t find outerwear on the rack that fits you properly, have it tailored.
  8. Wear single-breasted jackets. Double-breasted coats can make you look squatty.
  9. Go monochromatic. Wearing charcoal gray pants with a lighter gray golf shirt is a great fashion tip for short men to appear taller.
  10. Keep the socks covered. Make sure your trousers are long enough to conceal them. Socks peeking out from beneath your trousers will create a horizontal line that will make you appear shorter.

The most important of the ten fashion tips for short men is to wear your clothes with confidence. If you follow all the guidelines in the 10 fashion tips for short men, you’ll know you look as good as you possibly can.

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